Cretella v. David L. Kuzminski (Preditors and Editors)

In Law Suits on March 13, 2011 at 12:24 am

“Kuzminski isn’t the first one to offer his opinion online, nor will he be the last. The trouble lies when information provided can be found false and harmful to someone’s reputation.” – Conseula Chavez

Internet poster sued for defamation even though the online poster claimed he was just offering an opinion on the Absolute Write Water Cooler.

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Preditors & Editors Site Creator Sued for Libel

David Kuzminski, You Naughty Boy

Lawyer has defamation claim for online post

Cretella v. Kuzminski

[Note: David L. Kuzminski died of an apparent heart attack on August 13, 2013; 24 days prior to the death of Writer Beware’s Ann “A.C.” Crispin.]


Cretella v. Kuzminski Complaint (02-13-2008)Kuzminski’s Answer to Complaint (02-26-2008)Kuzminski’s Motion to Dismiss (03-24-2008)

Cretella’s Brief Supporting Opposition to Motion (04-07-2008)

Cretella’s Opposition to Motion to Dismiss (04-07-2008)

Cretella’s Amended Complaint (04-18-2008)

Opinion Granting Motion to Dismiss in Part and Denying in Part (05-29-2008)

Kuzminski Second Motion to Dismiss (09-17-2008)

Cretella Opposition to Second Motion to Dismiss (09-26-2008)

Order Denying Motion to Dismiss (10-15-2008)

Jury Verdict (02-04-2009)

Defendant’s Post-Trial Motion to Set Aside Verdict (02-10-2009)

Order Re Motion to Set Aside Verdict (02-19-2009)


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