Dave Kuzminski (Preditors & Editors) & His Unpublicized Death

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Kuzminski isn’t the first one to offer his opinion online, nor will he be the last. The trouble lies when information provided can be found false and harmful to someone’s reputation.

– Conseula Chavez

On August 13, 2013, David Lee Kuzminski, (the unscrupulous & embattled overseer of the infamous Preditors & Editors site), died from an apparent heart attack. Kuzminski passed away 24 days prior to Ann “A.C.” Crispin. There has been very little mentioned about the demise of David Lee Kuzminski. Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware appear to have been equally silent and have very coldly  . . .  very coldly . . . done nothing to memorialize their cult hero and co-defendant (Strauss’ only posting, post-Kuminski’s death, was on the Absolute Water Cooler inquiring about Andrew Burt’s status (see below).

Recently filed documents (February 6, 2014)  indicate that Preditors & Editors is actually now a real Colorado non-profit organization (questions were raised previously when Kuzminski, who was being sued for defamation, was begging … BEGGING . . .  readers/authors to financially support and donate to his legal defense fund).  Andrew Burt will be running the site now. Burt has a long history an affiliation with the SFWA and Victoria Strauss.

“Andrew Burt . . . in my opinion [has] pretty clearly shown he’s absolutely and utterly incapable of recognizing his own incompetence, or the damage he’s done to the organization; really, what would have surprised me is if he hadn’t run. However, I can and will [sic] blame my fellow SFWAns if the man is actually elected president. Because I assume, hope and pray they are not as incompetent as he.”

Why would you, as a writer, trust someone who has never signed a book contract with a science fiction publisher to engage in fruitful discussion with science fiction publishers about your professional concerns as a writer? Why would you, as a writer, trust someone who has barely any experience as a writer to move the organization in a direction that is relevant to your professional career? Equally importantly, if you were a brand-spanking-new science fiction writer, with your very first book contract in hand, why on earth would you join a professional writer’s organization whose president has less personal experience with book contracts than you do?”

– John Scalzi, Former SWWA President

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