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2013 SFWA ELECTION COVERAGE: Apology to The Write Agenda™ From Author, Jim Hines

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In a most sincere and so very heart-felt fashion, Author Jim Hines apologized to The Write Agenda™ for “getting [The Write Agenda’s] sockpuppets confused with those of Ms. Ba–  . . .  the ‘anonymous’ commenter from New Jersey.’” Mr. Hines was of course referring to Agent, Barbara Bauer and commented on our “cozy” relationship with Ms. Bauer. It kinda makes you misty . . .  does it not?

Firstly, we don’t know Ms. Bauer; we know of her and the alleged “bullying” that she’s gone through.

Secondly, we’re not “cozy” with Ms. Bauer.

Thirdly, we do know that Ms. Bauer filed a 42 count complaint that alleged defamation, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, and conspiracy to defame. Basically, it was a cyber-bullying case.

Fourthly, we do know that the named defendants were: Jenna Glatzer, MacAllister Stone, James D. Macdonald, Kent Brewster and Ann “A.C.” Crispin, Patrick Niclsen-Hayden, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden, Miss Snark The Literary Agent, a fictitious name, David L Kuzminski, Thomas S. Tully, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc., Victoria C. Strauss, Shweta NarayanLesia Valentine, Christina Walden, Wikimedia Foundation and Stephan Spencer. Do you recognize any of these names?

Fifthly, we know that the defendants were accused of the allegations stated here.

Sixthly, we know that a key Defendant, Jenna Glatzer, co-authored a book on “bullying” and it was published on August 7, 2007. The Bauer v. Glatzer case was filed on January 31, 2008. (How quickly [in five months] we forgot the message of the book regarding the “bullying threat on the internet.” Shame on you Jenna.)

So, after Jim Hines posted his “apology” who do you think were the first to reply to it? Well, of course, none other than two of the Defendants in the Bauer vs. Glatzer case: Victoria Strauss and the always narcoleptic Teresa Nielsen Hayden:

Babs [Barbara Bauer] has commented on my blog [*] a time or two using the real names of people who’ve criticized her. I can always tell it’s her–not just by the IP address, but because she can’t resist mentioning googlebombs, lewd licking actions, and/or Miss Snark.

Victoria Strauss, March 12th, 2013 at 10:59 pm

Cripes, Barbara Bauer and her obsession with “lewd licking actions.” It’s just embarrassing. Where’s C. Lee (Cheryl) Nunn? Doesn’t she usually turn up for these occasions?

Teresa Nielsen Hayden, March 13th, 2013 at 1:18 am

Are these not the most indignant people? Arrogant? They will never show any remorse for their despicable actions and the allegations that were presented against them. Yes, Mr. Hines you do have egg on your face. It’s not because of what you failed to do. It’s simply that you’re one of Victoria Strauss’ sockpuppets.

Fortunately, for Mr. Hines, he was not a defendant in the Bauer vs. Glatzer case. However, say (and feel) whatever you wish about Barbara Bauer, but remember, there was only one defendant in the Bauer v. Glatzer case that was exonerated . . . Wikipedia. the case was dismissed in part and the Court left the door open for the Plaintiff to refile . . . Judge Paul Kapalko and Judge Jamie S. Perri did allow Bauer and her agency to go forward without prejudice

* It’s interesting to find Victoria Strauss refer to Writer Beware as “my blog.” Note that the header on the Writer Beware site has changed. Also note how Strauss ripped-off the 2012 BEA award for “independent” bloggers.

 Could Author Jim Hines be the son of Debra Doyle & James Macdonald? (Oh, that’s Dr. Debra Doyle . . .  is her “Doctor” designation really legitimate? You know, they did question Barbara Bauer’s credentials. Things that make you go hmmmm.



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Victoria Strauss: “We don’t report rumors or single complaints” – Really???

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Yesterday, Writer Beware’s Victoria Stauss made the following statement on Twitter:  “We don’t report rumors or single complaints” – Really??? Perhaps a trip down memory lane is needed here. Let’s recall that it was Victoria Strauss (Writer Beware) herself that stated:

“American Book Publishing has been the focus of at least one police investigation.”

This information is posted on both the Writer Beware and on the SFWA sites. Also, notice the key links in the assertion (above):

“ . . . has been the focus of at least one police investigation.”

 We’ve retained Victoria Strauss’ original links to her proposed proofs and/or evidence of this “one” investigation (i.e. “single complaint”). Note that these purported proofs will direct you to blog postings (which are no longer available on the Internet) that have been preserved on the Internet archive . . . The Wayback Machine.  (We’ve reproduced the postings below for your edification below and our postings from the local law enforcement agency in this matter.) Strauss  does not demonstrate the use of primary source material to validate this complaint. Attaching a blog posting from a disgruntled author, while it may lead to primary source material, is not proof that a real investigation ever occurred. Therefore, the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur does not apply to this pitiable attachment.

Once again,  Strauss has called into question the value of Writer Beware’s credibility as a “watchdog.” Considering that the SFWA 2013 election is now upon us, whoever should win (Theodore Beale or Steve Gould), the candidates need to serious evaluate the future value of Writer Beware.


strauss_02262013_2 strauss_02262013_3

The Write Agenda’s Postings in response to Victoria Strauss’ & Writer Beware’s Claims

strauss_02262013_4 strauss_02262013_5 strauss_02262013_6

For further reading see:

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Dissention on the Rise Within the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers (SFWA): Scalzi’s Departure Raises Concern About Undesirable Presidential Candidate(s) and the Future of Writer Beware™

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“SFWA members: this year it’s IMPORTANT to vote in the upcoming officer elections. Theodore Beale, a.k.a. Vox Day, is running for SFWA President. If you know the name, you’ll know why that’s scary. If you don’t, read the post below… My cat would be the better choice. And my cat is dead.” [Emphasis added]

Victoria Strauss on Facebook 2/1/13

Normally, the members of the SWFA and Writer Beware™ cast their aspersions on publishers, literary agents or their critics. In the wake of SFWA President, John “No Balls” Scalzi’s announcement that his current term, which ends on June 30, will be his last, they are attacking their own members this time . . . and it’s getting very ugly.

In the mist of the controversy is SFWA member, and author, Theodore Beale. Beale recently announced his candidacy for the post being vacated by John “No Balls” Scalzi. One thing that has become very clear, especially from those that have the most to lose (e.g. Victoria Strauss etc.) he’s (Beale) a serious threat to the “cultish” status quo of the SFWA.

“ . . . . [H]aving been a member on and off (currently on) for well over a decade, I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that the downside of it far outweighs the positives. SFWA has become a cult, dedicated first and foremost to the preservation of the cult. It has increasingly little to do with creativity, commerce, or the actual business of science fiction.”

 Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Husband of Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Scalzi, in his departure discourses, has stated the following: 1) that he’s “delighted and honored to [have served his] fellow science fiction and fantasy writers; 2) that he “had a hell of a lot of fun” and 3) that he “published three novels during [his] tenure” as President of the SFWA. These are pretty lame statements to be making while exiting an organization. Exactly how did Scalzi serve the members? Sure, on an author’s salary, getting free meal tickets (at the expense of dues-paying members) can in fact be “a hell of a lot of fun.” In addition, the audacity of Scalzi to even mention the publication of three new books when, in fact, there were overdue compliance issues and tax filings that required more attention for the SFWA. So, either it takes very little effort to actually write a Scalzi book or Scalzi’s presidency was more akin to the half-hypnotized, “do-nothing” Peter Gibbons in the movie Office Space. Scalzi’s blog, entitled Whatever, clearly seems to support the notion of his lackluster performance as President and how he approached the day-to-day business of the SFWA. Moreover, it appears that Scalzi is more likely a man of words  . . .  not a man of action. Author Jim Hines hinted that this post has its challenges . . . it may be that Scalzi is simply burned-out. (Note: He recently took a cruise [i.e.  “I need a vacation.”] with his wife and committed not to be on the Internet for 10+ days . . .  sound like a burn-out?) Beale also has been critical of Scalzi’s authorship and of the SFWA:

 “I do not wish to have what passes for John Scalzi’s stature in the science fiction field.  If I had any desire to write unoriginal and derivative takes on Heinlein, Dick, Piper, and Star Trek, I would do so.”

–          Theodore Beale

Most outgoing officers of organizations will tout their personal accomplishments and successes. “No Balls” Scalzi’s discourse appears to be devoid of delineating any accomplishments. Moreover, it appears that his term in office was nothing more than a self-serving, self-indulgent and self-promotion opportunity. Seriously, what did “No Balls” Scalzi accomplish?  His dialog almost seems analogous to SFWA member Robin Wayne Bailey, who stated: “I do it for power and popularity. It’s all about the power. And the popularity.[sic] Really. It used to be about fame, fortune and free sex.” Yes, this is the face of your current SFWA.

If “No Balls” Scalzi accomplished anything at all it was bringing the SFWA into compliance by finally assuring that the Annual Reports and Federal tax returns were completed. The organization, which does have one full-time employee (paid), was non-compliant in this regard for years.

2012 appears to have been a busy year for compliance filings for the SFWA. The Secretary of the Commonwealth, Corporations Division of Massachusetts received six years  (Yes, six years.) of Annual Reports from the SFWA’s Treasurer’s (there’s been several elected and none of them appear to have been capable to fulfill the duties that they were elected to execute; e.g. filing a posted-dated “Annual Report” for 2001 in 2012? 11 years late?)  Really, what does “annual” mean? If Scalzi and the one full-time employee can’t get the job done . . .  who can?

Filed on November 1, 2012 were the “Annual Reports” for 2001, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 on behalf of the SFWA . In addition, our research has also confirmed that the SFWA had not filed federal tax returns (Form 990) for 2009, 2010 or 2011. We recently posted the updated Tax Returns which were “filed” during 2012. Note the date stamps of the IRS; not the date in the signature line. See Science Fiction Writers of America – Tax Returns.

Who should be held accountable for the lack of timely reporting? Its President, John ScalziScalzi, in our opinion, appears to be more interested in self-promotion, selling his books (which he’s doing a great job of) and pompously celebrating his status as president of the SFWA; while doing absolutely nothing . . .  NOTHING . . .  to enforce the fiduciary responsibilities of the SFWA’s officers as well as his own duties. Scalzi, who has historically been elected on marginal votes, completely ignored his fiduciary responsibilities to the SFWA and its membership.

Let’s revisit some of the voting results which led to putting Scalzi in the position of President of the SFWA. The SFWA claims to have a membership of 1800. During the 2010 elections, only 305 ballots were received (16%). 44 ballots were discarded due to SFWA procedural requirements; leaving 261 qualified ballots (14%). President, John Scalzi received merely 208 votes. Therefore, approximately 11% of the entire membership voted Scalzi into office. Treasurer Amy Casil Sterling was elected with 151 votes (8% of the entire membership). Comparatively, national voter turnout in federal elections has been as high as 56.8% in recent years. What was the cause of this dismal voting behavior? Was it due to disenchantment or indifference?

This is the perfect time for a shake up within the SFWA and Writer Beware™.

Victoria Strauss’s Reactions to Theodore Beale’s Candidacy

“If he did win, he’d be like the dog that caught the car–Holy shit. This wasn’t supposed to happen. What do I do now?

–          Victoria Strauss

Pointing her Facebook friends to a blog posting by the always over-reactive Jim Hines, Victoria Strauss has now has launched her own hate and a “Get Out the Vote” Campaign against Theodore Beale. Strauss stated: “My cat would be the better choice. And my cat is dead.” Speaking of “dead cats,” let’s not forget that it was Strauss and Ann “A.C.” Crispin, the “watchdogs” of the SFWA sponsored Writer Beware™, that failed to report the Charles E. Petit scandal visited on the John Steinbeck Estate. Petit was one of their own, as is Beale, and was at one time the attorney for the SFWA . . . prior to being disbarred. The mere fact that Strauss has come out swinging against Beale (and not Petit) appears to indicate that Beale’s candidacy is something more than an idle concern to her . . . it’s more likely a threat to her position with Writer Beware™. It’s interesting to watch Strauss & Company treat their own members as vermin and with the same disrespect for the “trolls” on the Absolute Water Cooler forum. (Also See: American Book Publishing “Investigation” Research Released: No Proof of Victoria Strauss’ Claims.)

Strauss, who rarely makes public appearances, unless they are online, has never indicated what her day job or true occupation actually is. Judging by the copious daily Internet postings it’s likely that she doesn’t have one. Her income has to come from other sources or a sugar daddy; it’s certainly not from book sales (based on her sales rankings). (Note: Interestingly Strauss’ Amazon Rankings are pale compared to Beale’s.) There has to be a hidden agenda to Strauss’ heightened concerns. Would a Beale Presidency threaten the continued existence of Writer Beware™? We could only hope so.

Both Strauss and Ann “A.C.” Crispin have served more than their fair share of time as the administrators of Writer Beware™. Moreover, Crispin is in the middle of a very aggressive battle with cancer and her continued contribution to the site is highly questionable. Therefore, one can reasonably assume that a possible vacancy at Writer Beware™ may be on the horizon.

Regardless of whoever eventually wins the election as President, it is readily apparent that change within the SFWA and Writer Beware™ is both timely and necessary. Considering Strauss’ strong emphasis on how “IMPORTANT” this election is, it’s a very clear indication that her post may be in jeopardy. However, change would bring about more responsible reporting of literary scams and move Writer Beware™ back into a credible and worthwhile resource for the publishing industry; something that it has lacked for a long time.

Considering that both Strauss and Crispin have utilized Writer Beware™ for self-promotion purposes. It’s time for new blood and it’s time for Strauss and Crispin to have the ovaries to step down. John “No-Balls “Scalzi’s words are most appropriate and should be heeded:

“I also believe that SFWA as an organization is not well-served by its leadership role remaining static for too long. It’s time to let someone else take the wheel.” [Emphasis added]

–          John Scalzi

Public criticism of the internal processes and workings of the SFWA (and Writer Beware™) are vital to this election process. It is rare for those within the SFWA to be so openly critical. Nevertheless, it should prove to be quite entertaining to monitor. Considering that Scalzi was voted in on only 11% of the members votes, hopefully this will result in a higher voter turnout. Moreover, we pray that the process puts dedicated and responsible officers in place for the organization.

We expect this heated debate to continue and anticipate that others will join the race for President of the SFWA. Whether he wins or not, Theodore Beale may be the right candidate to bring about the necessary change. We fail to find this opportunity “scary.” Whatever.


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DEFAMATION: Cretella v. Kuzminski: The Case Against Preditors & Editors David L. Kuzminski

Passion Blew!: Scamming the John Steinbeck Estate: The Case Against Attorney Charles E. Petit The Former Attorney for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

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Publisher accuses SCAF of libel after incitement accusations

Thank You For a Great Year in 2011 | Publishing Perspectives

Over 10,000 Facebook Fans (PublishAmerica)

HarperCollins Selects Ingram Publisher Services/Spring Arbor for Christian 

The Peach Tree Kids Author to Appear on KAZVTV’s Central Valley  (Strategic Book Publishing)

Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Want You To Boycott Amazon

Does the cream really rise in selfpublishing? | Leah Raeder

A look at selfpublishing | TeleRead: News and views on e-books 

News to Use (PublishAmerica)

Sales jump for books written by Hitchens

What can free do for your book? – Erik Emery Hanberg

The Tim Tebow Phenomenon Translates Into Bestselling Book

Author Mistakes | Motion Publishing

eBooks Could cost More Than Printed If Publishers Get Their Way

The Importance Of Reviews

Why authors don’t need traditional publishers anymore

Self Publishing news

SelfPublishing IS Real Publishing-The Difference is up to You

Amazon Kindle Fire Is Far From A ‘Failure’

Craig resident’s new book promotes tips for happier living (Tate Publishing)


Review: Biography: One Click: Jeff Bezos And The Rise O by Richard 

SelfPublishing And Ebook Predictions For 2012 | The Creative Penn

Five reasons NOT to selfpublish your novel as an e-book

Self Publishing, Inc – Publishing service for the selfpublisher

Selfpublishing vs. Big-house publishing | The Blog

Setting Goals For SelfPublishing | CCC’s Beyond the Book


Author Amanda Hocking – An Inspiration for All Writers

M&M to launch digital publishing system in Saudi

At Amazon, Talking Long Term and Meaning It

E-readers: Amazon selling 1 million Kindles per week

Author relates lesson in sport to lesson in life (PublishAmerica)

Sales jump for books written by Hitchens

The Library Alternative

Author-it Software Launches Author-it Cloud

Author Hitchens always a humanist

Interview: Marliss Melton, co-author of ‘SEAL of My Dreams’

Self-publishing: it’s crucial to be realistic

When Self-Publishing Goes Wrong – Grasping for the Wind

So Cupcake: Brenda L. Wagstaff (Tate Publishing)


Barnes & Noble (BKS) Orders 1.5M NOOKs, But Competition Stiffens

Writer Beware: Buying “Access” to Studio Execs and Agents 

2011 December 08 « Self Publishing News For SelfPublishing 

Horror author Stephen King helps raise $240000 to help poor Mainers pay 

Will Amazon Respect Its Kindle Fire Customers? | Geoff Livingston’s 

Publishing News: “Hating Amazon is not a strategy” – O’Reilly Radar

Bodyguardz offers protection for the Amazon Kindle Fire » Coolest 

Amazon announces new free expedited shipping deal

Local Bookstores Call For Boycott Of Amazon For Advertising Their Prices

Does It Matter That Kindle Books Were $9.99 Before Anyone Used E-Readers?

Nook Headed to the UK?

Barnes & Noble to Take Deliveries of 1.1 Million Nook Tablets in Q4 (BKS)

Amazon vs The World | The Big Picture

Amazon offers some Kindle numbers: 1 million sold a week — Tech 

Amazon: For The Third Week, Kindle (Including The Fire) Sales 

Amazon Reports Blowout Kindle Sales Numbers — Close To The 

Here’s A Real-ish Kindle Number From Amazon | paidContent

Self Publishing Has Taken on a New Form in the E-Book Market 

Publishers Block the Path to Successful E-Book Sales | SixEstate

Facebook Fan Page – How To Use It For Book Marketing

E-book reader sales to boom as prices plunge

Featured Book-of-the-Week – Self Publishing News For Self 

Newark author gets 2nd story published in ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’

Publisher Happy About Gives its Authors an Early Holiday Gift with 2-for-1 Deal


Joe Simon, a Creator of Captain America, Is Dead at 98

E-book readers

Save $200 When Self-Publishing This Holiday Season

Amazon Spent $450000 Lobbying Gov’t in Q3

“KDP Select is the best way I know to bring my – Amazon Media 

Christopher Hitchens, author and polemicist, dead at 62


Local author writes about Pat Boone (Tate Publishing)

Tate Publishing – Marketing Department Blog: Serving to Sell

Using SquidLit to Promote Your SelfPublished eBook – Article 

A writer’s guide to getting selfpublished

Amazon’s contentious relationship with authors and bookstores

Why Authors and Social Media Are Meant for Each Other

Publishers Are Still Missing the Boat on E-book Prices

Amazon selling over 1 million Kindles a week

The SelfPublished Author as the Self-Employed Author | The 

Russell Hoban, ‘Frances’ Author, Dies at 86

Shakopee Author Catches Ancestral Spirit in First Novel (Tate Publishing)

West Michigan book publisher capitalizing on Tim Tebow mania

Author Russell Hoban dies aged 86

New Book Trailer Added – The Book Marketing Network

From Published to #1 Amazon Bestseller in 3 Months

3 Simple Book Sales Techniques | Sales Training

Successful Self Publishing – Go Sign Me UP!

Writing and Publishing News » Blog Archive » Secrets to an Author’s 

Raindrop Story by Brighton Teen Fits Rainy Day at Hartland Montessori (Tate Publishing)

Student Run Press Has Published 31 Novels

Video Interview: The Future of Publishing | Jane Friedman

7 Things I Learned from Publishing a Book

Flipside: Bringing Filipino e-books to the market

Barnes & Noble accused of “censoring Christmas”


Interview with Emma Marris, Author of Rambunctious Garden 

Bestselling Author and Screenwriter Prepares His Memoir for the Big Screen

Author Success Stories – SBPRA (Strategic Book Publishing and  (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

Amazon to stab retail in the heart, says report. Welcome to Q4!

The Kindle Fire’s big security problem

Court clears ‘Bookseller of Kabul’ author

SBPRA Family of Authors Can Help Author’s Son This Holiday Season

Russell Hoban, cult author, dies aged 86

Authors leave publishing houses out of the plot

Amazon Price Check May Be Evil But It’s the Future

Self-Publishing Enables Dual Career Paths

Writer Wednesday: Surprising Things Literary Agents Can Do For You

eBook Exclusivity — A Good or Bad Idea? « An American Editor

Amazon plays hardball with bookstores and writers

Amazon Price Check Discount Has Competitors Crying Foul | PCWorld

Booksellers Deplore Amazon ‘Poaching’ Ploy

Amazon Kindle Fire Improvements: 10 Must-Have Fixes for a New Version

Dymocks responds to criticism of D Publishing contract

Saray Publishing

Read for success? India’s business books take off

20 Little-Known Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading – A SPN 

Apple Faces Another Set of Antitrust Accusers

Q&A With Brittany Geragotelis: Author Of “Life’s A Witch” | Ypulse

Interview With A Successful Writer: Rebecca O’Connor, Award 

New Self Published Authors – Stephen’s Lighthouse

Woman’s Bestselling SelfPublished Book Will Now Become A Movie

How C. Leigh Purtill Self Published After a Traditional Book Deal 

Handbook of Nutrition and the Kidney – Helm Publishing (Helm Publishing)

W. Robert (Bob) Gouin’s New Book Studies Of Biblical Chronology (AuthorHouse & Tate Publishing)

Sares leaves the boxing world to delve into crime in his newest book (Tate Publishing)

Strategic Book Publishing Signs Groundbreaking eBook Deal for  (Strategic Book Publishing)


EU Investigates e-Book Pricing

With 5% Discount, Amazon Triples Use of Controversial App CEO Bezos and wife donate $15M to build Princeton Neuroscience 

Strategic Book Publishing Signs Groundbreaking eBook Deal for  (Strategic Book Publishing)

Twin Cities book publisher Ned Waldman dies at 78

Amazon’s Bezos Gives $15 Million to Princeton for Brain Research

Author claims Somali pirates burned his books | Washington Examiner

Author claims Somali pirates burned his books

Print Books Still Rule the Holidays: The Trouble With Gifting an E-Book

e-Book Sales Double – Association of Independent Authors (AiA)

Kindle Fire: good reviews, but some complaints

Ontario Book Publishing Tax Credit

The Case for SelfPublishing, with John Mackey and Steven Bryant 

3 Ways to Use Market Research « Self Publishing Advisor

Cards Wanted for Boy with Leukemia (Please send a card to Joey.)

eBook authors cashing in on popularity of eReaders this holiday season

Yahoo countersues Singapore publisher on copyright

A feast for book lovers at international fair

Jeremy Thompson from Matador publishing at the London Book Fair 

Have You Heard About FBA? | Bookshop Blog

An electrifying new twist in the plot as books turn over page for fresh chapter

Vancouver author signs two-book deal with D&M

Self-published authors find e-success

Interview with Debra Burroughs, Author of She Had No Choice

PERPETUAL FOLLY: Indie vs. Self Publishing

Self-publishing vs. Big-house publishing | The Blog

Greg Goldstein promoted to President of IDW Publishing – ComicList

Interview: Whitney Stewart, Author of Give Me A Break: No-Fuss Meditation

Fisherman becomes author at 98

Victoria Strauss Interview YouTube


Chamber chief calls for boycott

In the Wake of Protest: One Woman’s Attempt to Unionize Amazon

US-Israeli Author Found Guilty of Plagiarism

Writing and Publishing News » Blog Archive » When Can I Quit 

Kindle Self-Publishers Soon to Become Amazon Exclusives

“The Help” author’s next book almost year late

Amazon Kindle Fire Update Promised | WebProNews

Amazon Dies In A Fire

Amazon’s Publishing Reputation

Rob Lowe Lands Another Book Deal

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

Brenner GRAND PRIZE Winner (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

Lambert Wins First Prize (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

Amazon’s Fire is Fueling Debate

Why Are Google and Amazon Fighting?

Amazon set to roll out update to Kindle Fire

Writers Need To Be Adaptable In Order To Succeed: The Porter 

New Free PDF e-Book: 10 Things You Need to Know About Self 

PUBSLUSH: Publisher Uses Readers to Find New Writing Talent 

US the latest authority to probe e-book pricing

New media regulator could cover digital publishers

Is selfpublishing really only for genre writers?

SelfPublishing in Print Update « Shanna Hatfield

Self Publishing for the Eco-Conscious « Self Publishing Advisor

D Publish, Dymocks Offer Self Publishing Deal For Authors 

The Precarious Portentious Perils Of SelfPublishing

Seal Press Author Offers Eight Ways to Give Back During Hanukkah (Mitzvah . . .  the Right Way)

Jerusalem court finds author Naomi Ragen guilty of plagiarism


Controversial Book Gives Daring Twist On Black Culture! (PublishAmerica)

How to DELETE your Smashwords Account

Censorship causes blindess. This is a complaint against Smashwords.

Publisher defends Shore author against plagiarism claims

How Amanda Hocking REALLY Did It- An Inspiration for All Authors 

What is Amazon’s KDP Select Program? – CrimeSpace

Kindle Publishing and how it works. « Madame Guillotine

10 Reasons Why I Am Self Publishing

Local Author Will Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Self-Publishing 

When the supposed scam busters & watchdogs are scamming

Publication Proposals Ways to Get Your own to the Top of the Stack

Selfpublished author sells 400000 copies of debut novel 

How 3 Publishing Myths Kill the Author | Savas Publishing 

Selfpublishing: Upending the Book Industry | James Russell Ament

How One Author’s Self Published Book Became a Best Seller 

Darcie Chan – a selfpublishing success story – She Writes

What I Got Out of SelfPublishing | The Gatekeepers Post

REMINDER: If you are participating in Amazon’s KDP Select, remove your books from all other distribution channels!

Local author to hold book signing at Town Center mall (Tate Publishing)

Top-Selling Authors Adopt New York Area Schools, Meet with Local (Tate Publishing)

Children’s Care BlogTalk – Book signing December 15th at 


Authors, Have you ever been censored by Smashwords? Tell us your story.

Pay Me, Bug! vs. Smashwords: Round One |

Amazon KDP Support : Smashwords’ Mark Coker Blasts KDP …

Mark Coker, Amazon and the value of indie authors

Nancy Steinbeck « The Write Agenda™ (The Write Agenda)

About books: Victim of bullying writes book about his experience (PublishAmerica & Tate Publishing)

C. E. Petit « The Write Agenda™ (The Write Agenda)

SelfPublishing Packages – MindStir Media

Rachel Morgan Writes: Why SelfPublishing Appeals to Me


Charles Emil Petit « The Write Agenda™ (The Write Agenda)

Police arrest crime author on suspicion of DUI

Local Bookstores Ask Customers To Boycott Amazon Over New Price Check App Offer

E-Library Books Ready for Checkout on Kindles Through North Carolina Libraries

Smashwords Founder, Mark Coker, Trying to Take on Goliath: Obviously Concerned

Mark Coker of Smashwords is Showing Evidence of Being in Bed with Writer Beware

Nancy Steinbeck « The Write Agenda™ (The Write Agenda)

Local author loves writing about turtles for children (Tate Publishing)

Amazon’s Evil Price Check App: Kicking Bookstores While They’re Down

Do Writers Really Need a Book Business Plan? by Deborah Riley 

Top 10 ways to promote your virtual book tour

Former resident writes third book (PublishAmerica)

How I Became a Best-Selling Author

Local signs romance book Saturday (Strategic Book Group)


Amazon Bribes Self-Published Authors to Sell Exclusively Through the Kindle Store

Amanda Knox to release tell-all book

Taylor Armstrong ‘Didn’t Feel Safe’ To Publish Book Until Husband’s Suicide

Publish an Ebook Now

Publishing in Latin America

Diana Colbert, wife of author Charles Bock, dies

BISG Issues Best Practices For Assigning Digital ISBNs

Why I don’t selfpublish | Myke Cole

Amazon Sets Up $6 Million Royalty Fund for Lending Library Authors

Amazon launches $6M fund to fuel Kindle Direct Publishing

China’s Dangdang Does An Amazon With E-Books, Apps, E-Reader

Future is here with Library Without Walls

Neil Cavuto Asks Donald Trump ‘If All This Is Just To Get Publicity 

Yes, but look at $9.99 upside-down — The Horn Book

Australian authors and publishers get a new advertising outlet

Would You Pay Dymocks $499 To Publish Your Book?

Vanity, thy name is publishing

The Seduction Of Self-Publishing

Bachmann book sells just 3000 copies in two weeks

Should pay Michigan tax? Retail groups say yes, as Amazon offers 
Amazon Kindle Will Win Thanks To Hype, Not Performance

Retail groups lash out after Amazon announces Price Check app promotion

Justice Department confirms investigation of e-book industry


Get a read on books for the wine lover on your list (Oak Tree Press)

30 Book Awards for SelfPublished Authors — The Book Designer

3 Things Mark Cuban’s Self Publishing Can Mean for You 

Albertville Christian author inks the deal (Tate Publishing)

What You Need to Know About Amazon’s BookPublishing Move

Publishing News: E-book market forecast to hit $5.2B as the book 

What’s the truth behind multiple personality disorder?

Justice Department Confirms E-Book Probe

Amazon will launch Kindle Fire in the UK in January

Publishing company launches young adult line aimed at peer readers

Author Emma Lou Thayne Receives Utah Governor’s Mansion Artist Award

Amanda Knox inks multi-million deal with Blair and Obama’s book agent

Jolie Accused Of Stealing Croation Author’s Story For ‘In The Land 

New Charles Dickens coin honors author

Amanda Knox book deal on its way with Robert Barnett’s help

Amazon strengthens drive into publishing

Sylvia’s book for her mum (PublishAmerica)

Price Check! Amazon App Takes Aim at Brick-and-Mortars

Amazon to Pay Your Customers $15 to Dump You

Amazon app will pay you $15 bucks to walk out on retailers

Readmill goes public: is the future of books social? — Tech News 

Books, like diamonds, are forever | Adverblog

Amazon acquires 450 Books from Publisher Marshall Cavendish

Six Shortcomings of Small Presses | LitReactor

Do you Wattpad? | Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

Leaked Document: Hachette Explains Why Publishers Are Relevant 

New option for selfpublished authors |

South Vienna writer to debut mystery novel | The Madison-Press (Tate Publishing)


How to Evaluate Book Marketing Services | Jerry D. Simmons

Amazon Publishing to Acquire Marshall Cavendish

Literary Review: No Author is Safe from the Bad Sex Prize

Apple in e-book price fixing probe

EU Investigating Possible Cartel in E-Book Market

Publisher: Author didn’t lift material for novel about Edgar Allen Poe’s child 

How to Make Your Writing More Visible Online

Award-Winning Author Stephen Stark Chooses

Amazon – Please Fix the Fire Announces Partnership with Barnes & Noble to Sell eBooks Through 

The most influential bookseller in Britain calls Amazon the devil

Trending toward the truth: Poll shows internet retail relies on brick-and 

Ask Shama: How Do I Market My Book Using Social Media?

Marketing with Spiritual Intent for Memoirists–Lynn Serafinn 

Bill of Rights for Friends of Authors | Hannibal and Me

APW: The Book Marketing Minefield « A Place for Writers

Thomas Allen and Cormorant launch e-book initiative for indie bookstores

Amanda Knox Teams with Lawyer to Broker Book Deal

Blog Business Success Radio – Blog Business World (Tate Publishing)

ECU freshman published at 16 | ECUNewsletter (Tate Publishing)

SHAW: Are libraries next to go?

EU in antitrust probe of Apple, e-book publishers

Apple, Book Publishers Face European Antitrust Probe

Rewriting the rules for publishing

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Crime writer gets better with each book

Southland libraries delve into e-reader mystery

book enthusiasts « Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Has Business Potential

Publishers warm to e-books on their own terms

Amazon’s cloud extinguishes Kindle Fire?

Self Publishing, Inc – Publishing service for the selfpublisher

Famous SelfPublished Authors: Benjamin Franklin « Self 

SelfPublishing Review | Blog | Interview with Henry Mosquera


Author Press Release (Strategic Book Group) – Posterous (Strategic Book Group)

Inspiration Creates Aspiration: A Guide to Help Develop New  (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

Area graduate writes book about retriever’s many antics (Strategic Book Group)

Susan Whitfield’s Blog: Marilyn Meredith (Oak Tree Press)

Google Plans to Seek Books Lawsuit Dismissal

The Ugly Truth About Consumer Book Reviews: Part One

Beware of fake Amazon account confirmation emails

Daunt is wrong: Amazon is no devil

The Truth About Amazon Publishing, Part II

With 13 Million Readers on Wattpad, YA Novelist Tries Self-Publishing

Eagan businessman’s marketing strategy: self-publishing a book

Booksellers, Multinationals Battle Over Spain’s E-book Buyers 

High Praise for Budding Author from Bestselling Jacquelyn Mitchard

Workshop to teach authors how to publish works

David Shanks, CEO of Penguin Group (USA), Named US Book Publishing “Person of 

The First 10000

The Arts: On Writing and Publishing – Lawrence F. Lihosit on “Self 

The Writing Bomb: Turning SelfPublishing Into Self-Employed

How To Write & Market Your Business Book [Resource Page] | The 

Book Marketing « Savvy Writers & e-Books online

You Sold How Many Books? | The Gatekeepers Post

Kobo offers a free e-book each month

Barnes & Noble In Financial Trouble – The Borders Syndrome 

Bestselling SelfPublished Novelist Ja Konrath Talks Writing and 

Tips And Tricks To get SelfPublishing Your Book executive dies in Lake Huron plane crash

Anne K. Albert: Day 11: Mystery We Write Tour with John M. Daniel (Oak Tree Press)


Publisher faces flak for ‘silence’

Breaking News: Highly-Publicized Book Tour Placed On Hiatus

National Writer Series receives kudos from Publishers Weekly |

Niche Authors Offered Customized, Comprehensive Marketing Services At Your

Hotsheet – Helmi Jensen – Strategic Book Publishing & Rights  (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

The Unusual Story of Girelli the Gelliphant | PRLog (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

Victoria Strauss Reaches 666 Facebook Fans: The Satanic Association is Worth Noting

Author Watch – Best Sellers – December 3, 2011

December Article

Interview: Author Melissa Foster

Marketing strategist Frank Sonnenberg discusses success, book publishing

Park East Press » It’s Not About You (Park East Press)

Publish America Presents Clouds of a Ghoulish War by Bobby David  (PublishAmerica)

Life no storybook for homeless Lancaster woman (PublishAmerica)

The Kill Zone: Literary Agents in the Digital Age

Livia Blackburne: Tips On Responding to Public Criticism (Inspired 

Michael Larsen’s tips for becoming a successful writer


Yuma author releases ‘Travels of Tommy T. Turtle” (Tate Publishing)

Tuttle teacher authors book (Tate Publishing)

Writer offers sobering account on life in Rwanda (Tate Publishing)

About Books: Learn about e-books at library events (PublishAmerica)

The trouble with Word Mills: Writers Beware.

The way to Market a E-book | Piano Trio Spirale

Authors in Grand Junction today (Tate Publishing @ B&N)

Kobo Launches Free E-Book Club

Reasons Not to SelfPublish in 2011-2012: A List | The Passive Voice

Weekly SelfPublished Book Review: Modern Disciples « Self 

Oak Tree Press Blog: December 2011 (Oak Tree Press)

Cory Doctorow: Copyrights vs. Human Rights

How publishers gave Amazon a stick to beat them with

Yup, Silk is Slow – Tests Confirm Amazon’s Browser is Slower Than 

Nielsen Research Finds Metadata Helps Increase Book Sales

European E-Book Sales Hampered by Tax Structure

Barnes & Noble Nook Is Now A $220 Million Business

Author seeking investors for epic Port City history

Has book blogging hit the wall? William Morrow’s blogger notice

In Case You Missed It: “What makes a beautiful (and marketable) book?”

David Shanks: PW Person of the Year 2011

Marketing Links You’d Be Crazy to Ignore | Copyblogger

Author of One Lucky Pound Puppy to do book signing (Tate Publishing)

Area authors to gather for readings, signings (Tate Publishing)

An Author’s Help To Publishing A E-book | Aawco


Interview: Author Melissa Foster

New! The 11th common book publishing myth & misconception

Marketing and Selling Your E-Book

Help! I Need a Publisher!: Publishing Deal – Forget the Clichés

What To Keep In Mind When Publishing eBooks | The Official 

Nobel author Gabriel García Márquez wins 17-year legal fight over 

Are E-Books Destroying Mass Market Sales? – Partners West Blog

Why books are better, from a Kindle owner

Author Writes Collections of Powerful Epiphanies (iUniverse)

Internet Book Marketing, an Authors Secret Weapon | David Hamann

National Print Advertising Possible for Self-Publishing Authors via Co-Op Programs (OutSkirts Press)

Dan Goldie tells how his NY Times bestselling book has changed his practice 

Author Promotions – Author Publishing – Benefits of Self Publishing 

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY BEST-SELLERS The PublishAmerica Style Guide eBook  (PublishAmerica)

Flogging the Quill: How selfpublishers can maximize earnings

HUGE News From Helm Publishing! « Author Yvonne Mason  (Helm Publishing)


How can a book coach help you get published?

What Authors Need to Know About Virtual Book Tours – Workflow 

Rethinking Book Marketing: Why Discovery Matters More | The 

MediaShift Ebooks and SelfPublishing Roundup Dec 1 2011 | PBS

‘Fahrenheit 451’ goes digital. Is Ray Bradbury mellowing?

Congressman Still Has Privacy Concerns About Kindle Fire’s Browser

Amazon Has Some Kindle Book Rentals Beyond Textbooks 

Why Publishers Are Afraid of Amazon

Amazon launches Kindle in Italy and Spain, brings Kindle Store to 

Happy Birthday Mark Twain; Huck Finn Author Born 176 Years Ago Today

Renowned East German author Christa Wolf dies

Adam Gopnik – The Barnes & Noble Review

100 sites for fiction writers: #81 – SelfPublishing Review – Digg

Ebook SelfPublishing Alternatives: Amazon Kindle, Moodle, Tizra 

Selfpublishing, Pricing, and Print-on-demand : Michael Montoure’s 

A Quick Note About a Common SelfPublishing Misconception 

Thad McIlroy – Future Of Publishing » Advice for Self Publishers

Publishing News – Clive Thompson on the Future of Printed Books

Publishing News

10 Odd, SelfPublished Books Found on Smashwords

Barnes & Noble hires former Microsoft legal foe David Boies

FOSS Patents: David Boies joins Barnes & Noble’s legal team in 

The Trafford Self-Publishing Experience Arrives in Singapore (Trafford Publishing; Author Solutions, Inc.)

Self-Publishing Review | Blog | Self-Publishers and eBook Authors 

Traditional Publishing to ePublishing: What you need to know

Amazon Tells Lawmakers It Supports Sales Tax

British Library’s Promotion of Amazon Listings Draws Ire of One MP

Eric Brock, local historian and author, dies

Best Selling Author Robert G. Allen Launches a New State of the Art Website 

Writer Unboxed » The No. 1 Overlooked Skill for Every Author

The bookstore Is dead

Publishing Insiders Wrap-Up: Promote Your Book – Author Marketing 

14 Authors I’d Love to Have Coffee With – Ecademy

Interview with Marcus Taylor, Co-Author of Get Noticed

Feds: John Hinckley browsed assassin books

Self-Published Author Amanda Hocking Sells Over 1 Million e-books

Sci-Fi Publisher Orbit Expands E-Singles Program Internationally 

Les Cockrell: Hospice’s Light Up a Life tree on display at mall (Tate Publishing)

Park East Press » The Genesis One Code (Park East Press)

ALERT: (Posted 10/24/11) American Book Publishing: No Case, No Criminal Contact & No Legal Action Taken

ALERT: American Book Publishing “Investigation” Research Released: No Proof of Victoria Strauss’ Claims

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ALERT: Blogger Get’s it Wrong: Amazon Sales Rankings are Valuable Metrics if Benchmarked over Time

ALERT: Victoria Strauss Critical of Indie Authors Successes: The Voice of Envy

ALERT: (Posted 10/25/11) P.N. Elrod Claims Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers (SFWA) Has Hackers: Cyber Crime Incitement?

ALERT: (Posted 10/24/11) American Book Publishing: No Case, No Criminal Contact & No Legal Action Taken

ALERT: American Book Publishing “Investigation” Research Released: No Proof of Victoria Strauss’ Claims


Best Selling Author Barry Eisler On Copyright, Piracy And Why SOPA/PIPA Are 

Bringing People Closer to One Another and God Through Notes  (Author Solutions, Inc.)

Whiz Kid–Cleo Weinmeister  (Tate Publishing)

Area author to release second book December 6 (Tate Publishing)

Tate Publishing Growth Continues to Impress Publishing World (Tate Publishing)

Mark Cuban crows about $2.99 bestseller

SelfPublishing Review | Blog | Review: Off the Grid by Dan Kolbet

Media Comments on SelfPublished Books

Interesting article on selfpublishing – CrimeSpace

Self Published Books and Authors are Gaining Credibility and 

Are you self publishing your novel or have you self published 

Self-publishing books not without pitfalls

Fahrenheit 451 becomes e-book despite author’s feelings


Oak Hill resident Greta J. King gets book, “I Married the Easter  (PublishAmerica)

Lawmaker Presses Amazon On Kindle Fire Privacy

Author Interview: Butlerm | Envato Notes

First e-book edition of ‘Farenheit 451’ released today

Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ is released as e-book

5 Lessons I Learnt About Book Marketing from Writing Get Noticed 

Traditional Publishing Myth #1: The Publisher Invests Big Bucks in 

Rethinking Book Marketing: Why Discovery Matters More | The 

The Atlantic Hires NYT Bestselling Author

Author Helen Forrester dies at 92

“Fahrenheit 451” is now an e-book

Local author releases debut Christian novel (Tate Publishing)

New Christmas Book Offered (PublishAmerica)

Should Literary Authors Self Publish? – GalleyCat

Where To Get Free Books For Your E-Reader – The Consumerist (Authors take note: The new Napster of ebooks?)

Michelle Demers: Introduction To SelfPublishing: 1/17/2012, 7 

Book Review: One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of by Richard L. Brandt

Amazon Set to Push Traditional Publishing Off a Cliff « Tennant 

UP and COMERS – November | Author Success Stories (Strategic Book Group & Rights Agency)

Latest Developments: Caesar’s English 1 | Royal Fireworks Press (Royal Fireworks Press)

Cyber Monday Deals 2011 The Business of Writing for Children: An Award-Winning 

BNA Books Announces the Publication of “Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Laws 

Book Marketing Ethics | The Gatekeepers Post

Three Points About E-Books | Publishing Basics… for the self publisher

Lana Peters, author and daughter of Josef Stalin, dies at 85

Best-selling military author coming to promote “KBL: Kill Bin Laden” book

Palestine-born author Judith Maro dies in Wales at 91


Pippa lands $600000 book deal

selfpublishing « Mr. Manley (“These books will sink or swim on their own merits, or the ability of their authors to self-promote, or both.”)

Author Press Release (Strategic Book Group) – Posterous (Strategic Book Group)

Outskirts Press Reveals Top 10 Best Selling Books in Self-Publishing for  (Outskirts Press)

Does publishing a book on smash words lower your chanced of 

Local Teen Publishes Children’s Book (Tate Publishing)

Anne K. Albert: Day 4: Mystery We Write Tour with Marilyn Meredith (Oak Tree Press)

10 Things That Would Make An 8.9-Inch Kindle Fire A Winner opens Cyber Monday ‘Deals Week’, wages a ‘price war’

Amazon Reports Strong Kindle Fire Sales For Black Friday

First-Time Canadian Author Wins America’s 2011 George Orwell Prize

The 10 hottest books at Seattle Public Library

Battle of the books

About Books (PublishAmerica)

Why Literary Author Colson Whitehead Turned To Zombies

Kindle Author: Kindle Author Interview: Lisa Grace

Top literary agent to give Wick talk

Why SelfPublished Authors Should Consider Foreword Firsts « Self 


Aliens Give Too Much Knowledge? Who Art In Heaven Published by Outskirts Press (Outskirts Press)

Wicked Local Contest: Third annual Creative Writing Contest

Will a Collapse of the Euro Slow European E-book Adoption 

When eBooks attack, mass paperbacks die

Steve Jobs’ e-mail to fan: ‘Life is fragile’

‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ author Mitch Albom: Seeking More ‘Faith and Redemption 

Annie Leibovitz: photographer and collector of images

Oak Tree Press Mystery Reviews/Giveaway | Kings River Life  (Oak Tree Press)


Book Marketing – What Strategy Authors Ignore | Free Content

Curiosity Quills Press Announces Writing Competition for NaNoWriMo Participants

Barnes & Noble Cuts Price of Nook to $79 on Black Friday

Publishing News – November 2011

Authors and Library Program

Penguin ebooks return to libraries

Mathews library to soon let patrons check out e-books

In Fight with Amazon, Libraries Caught in the Crossfire


Famous Vermont Poet Ruth Stone Dies

Interview: Alison Kent, co-author of ‘SEAL of My Dreams’

‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling testifies on media abuses in Britain

Tom Wicker, Journalist and Author, Dies at 85

ISBN # 978-1-61346-969-9 – Tate Publishing

Penguin restores most e-books to lending library services

Barnes and Noble’s new Nook Tablet doesn’t measure up to Kindle Fire

Daughter’s differences inspire Cundy to write book (Tate Publishing)

Outlaw poet publishes second book (PublishAmerica)

Peter Senese: Best-selling Author Donates 100% Of Highly Anticipated Legal 

The price of selfpublishing – authonomy Blog

Book Du Jour: The Ice Is Getting Thinner By  – Self Publish, Be Happy

Southern Scrawl

Late Nite Books

Moses and Dionysus Walk Into a Bar …

Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam

J. R. Tomlin on Writing and More

Suzanne Tyrpak

Official Website of Author, David H. Burton

Writer Beware seems to be defending Book Country (Writer Beware – Victoria Strauss)

Blog interview no.197 with mystery novelist William Doonan  (Oak Tree Press)

Humble author releases children’s book (PublishAmerica)

Outskirts Press Reveals Top 10 Best Selling Books in Self-Publishing for  (Outskirts Press)

Progress in SelfPublishing? Maybe… |

MediaShift . E-Books and Self-Publishing Roundup, Nov. 23, 2011 …

Progress in SelfPublishing? Maybe… |



SBPRA Author Wins Pinnacle Book Achievement Award | PRLog (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

Author Blogging 101: Blog Design — The Book Designer

Best-selling author Walter Isaacson talks Steve Jobs biography Special

Anne McCaffrey, ‘Dragonriders of Pern’ Author, Dies

Book Country – For or Against SelfPublishing? – The Independent 

Interview: Allison Brennan, author of ‘If I Should Die’

Mark Cuban Explains Why He Self Published – GalleyCat

Outskirts Press Reveals Top 10 Best Selling Books in Self  (Outskirts Press)

Creative Marketing for Authors on a Budget | The Gatekeepers Post

Pump Up Your Book! :: Virtual Book Publicity Tours » Blog Archive 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid becomes 2011’s fastest seller

Publishing News – How Will We Read: A Book by You?

Christopher Paolini: ‘Inspiration strikes about once every blue moon’

Authors Melissa and Leah Dunn Reveal Spiritual Mystery in New Book (Author Solutions)

Oak Tree Press Blog: Beatlemania strikes again! (Oak Tree Press)


What To Do With Your NaNoWriMo Story After Midnight November 30th

The Plight of the Mainstream Novelist (See Victoria Strauss Critical of Indie Authors Successes: The Voice of Envy)

Face the Nation on Sunday: Books & Authors show

Why Penguin is worried about the role of Amazon’s Kindle in libraries

Bailing on Smashwords for Now

Why Might A Publisher Pull Its E-Books From Libraries?

Competition Hurts Sales | Jerry D. Simmons (See Victoria Strauss Critical of Indie Authors Successes: The Voice of Envy)

12 Self-Publishing Lessons Learned in the Last 12 Days | Becoming 

‘Cabin Fever’ Sells Over 1 Million Hardcovers in First Week

Author James Arrudra Henry Learns To Read At 96, Writes Book 2 Years Later

Amazon Publishing – Monopoly, New Paradigm, Or Both 

Self Publishing – Choosing Between the Different Types of 

Video: Bowker Publisher Setup and ISBN — The Book Designer

Best Way to a Traditional Publishing Deal: Query Agents or Self 

US Spanish Children’s Book Sales Climb

Thriller Author Patterson Gets Back Into Ads | Adweek

Self Publishing – Publishing – Writing Articles

Penguin pulls e-books for Kindle from libraries over flap with Amazon

Why Parents Still Want to Read Real Books, Not E-Books, to their Kids

Krupp Kommunications Places Two Books on NY Times Bestseller List

Penguin suspends e-books for libraries, citing security fears

Books of the Year 2011: Memoir

The First Annual Pitch the Publisher – La Grange! Event Proves Successful

Mark Cuban to Publish eBook

How Big is | American Book Publishing – Blog

How Two Writers Said Adios Mofo to Henry Holt Publishing and Released an 

Why I Chose Not to Get into a Fight at an SF Convention | Michael 

Webtips for Authors and SelfPublishers | SelfPublishing Resources

Self publishing and the reviewer | Bookalicious

SelfPublishing Strategies in 18 Slides | wwwpubletariatcom

100 Notable Books of 2011

Notable Children’s Books of 2011


Want to Publish Your First Business Book? Here’s What Worked for Me.

Amazon may be launching an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire in Q2 2012

Writers are authoring their own destinies online

nterview: Connie Brockway, launch author for Amazon’s new romance line

Shelagh Delaney, author of “A Taste of Honey,” dies of cancer at 72

Amazon Taps Self-Published Authors For Kindle Lending Library: Report

Church service inspired children’s book about long-lived lightbulb (Tate Publishing)


Book review: Author reconstructs world for ‘Mrs. Nixon’ in his shadow

Christian Self Publishing

Mrs. Nixon – The Barnes & Noble Review

Mark Cuban Takes Shot at Writing an E-Book

Crime novelist turns publisher as book industry enters a new chapter

Amazon Book Meteoric Rise to #1 Bestseller “Dare to Dream” Author Debbi 

Lines were long for Bill Cosby book signing


 Victoria Strauss Critical of Indie Authors Successes: The Voice of Envy

‘The Potato Peeler’ of Paul Rachmanides Presented in Canada (PublishAmerica)

BRIEF: Local author celebrates release of novel (Tate Publishing)

Five Reasons Why the Amazon Kindle Fire Will Light Up Enterprises

Are Candidates Selling Their Ideas Or Their Books?

Weekly SelfPublished Book Review: Unlocking Potential « Self 

Unknown, self-published author makes one-millionth Kindle sale

SelfPublished Authors Sharply Criticize Penguin’s Book Country 

CIA keeps manuscript away from its own author — RT

BooksOnBoard and ProseQuest Launch Into Publishing

Read Me an E-Book Story?

Local author celebrates release of novel – – – News Source for  (Tate Publishing)

New Book Examines How History Formed U.S. (iUniverse)

Sinthyia Darkness ™ Paranormal and Fashion News: Defamation  (PublishAmerica)


Jesmyn Ward on winning the National Book Award — plus, she takes the EW Book 

The way to Design Residual Cash flow With E-books

Forget the Royalties—Just Give Your Book Away | Michael Hyatt

Why I Self-Published

Ocotillo Author Talks About Her New Book at the Holtville Library (PublishAmerica)

Kindle Fire added to Apple app store suit

Amazon Kindle Fire Is Worth It

Paul Rachmanides book The Potato Peeler to be introduced to Canada. (PublishAmerica)

Upcoming Book  – Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors

Megan’s Way (2011 Beach Book Festival Award Winner, 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist)

3 Things that are Wrong with Your Book Marketing Plan « Self 

PRAISE FOR CHASING AMANDA | Melissa Foster | Women’s Fiction …

Read Excerpt of Come Back To Me | Melissa Foster | Women’s 

WoMen’s Literary Cafe…COMING SOON! | Melissa Foster | Women’s …

Self Published Books and Authors Are Gaining Credibility and 

Self-Publishing, or, “Boxes of Books Blight My Basement” – Workflow 

Neal Stephenson, Digital Publishing, and Why Books Will Survive

Kindle Publishing System Exposes Insider Strategies Used To Become A 

National Book Award Finalists Get Grilled by Teens (SlideShow)

Non-English books available from the Kindle Store’s homepage, by 

No retraction. You cannot retract facts.

Local author finds persistence key to book

Is Amazon Prime lending a threat to authors and publishers 

Apple accuses Amazon of false advertising in ongoing pursuit of ‘App Store 

The Business Rusch: How Traditional Publishers Are Making Money 

Why Bloggers Should SelfPublish

My SelfPublishing Journey: The Book is Out. Now What? | Frankie’s 

How To SelfPublish Your Book With AJ McDonald of Lulu | The 

The Changing Landscape of Publishing

Posted 11/17/2011

Petey finally makes it to print (PublishAmerica)

Book Review: ‘Get Published Today’ by Penny Sansevieri | The 

Local author wins USA Best Books Award

Promotion, Schmotion

US Authors Fussing Over Amazon Ebook Lending

National Book Award winners include at least one upset victory

ACE FREHLEY: Video Footage From Chicago Book-Signing Event – Nov. 17, 2011

24-Year-Old Marketing Director Lands Major Book Deal – GalleyCat

Amazon KindlePhone for 2012?

Barnes and Noble Nook a Solid Tablet Choice: 10 Reasons Why

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Draws Heat From New Nook: Rich Jaroslovsky

Lifecycle of a Book: Nina Lassam, Marketing – Publishing Trendsetter

Book Marketing : Three Ways to Drive Income Using an Powerful 

Book Marketing and advertising – Several Methods to Travel 

Why a Publisher Says: Become an Expert – Write an eBook | Write to 

5 Things An E-Book Can’t Do

It’s Not Just a Tablet – It’s an Ecosystem

Amazon vs the Book Trade? | The Passive Voice

Bloomberg’s Jaroslovsky Reviews Kindle Fire, New Nook

Authors Guild: Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is “Nonsense”

SelfPublishers & Amazon’s New Format & Devices | The 

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Book Country Fail

Joy of game cooking (PublishAmerica)

Students publish their own books

National Book Award 2011: Twitter updates, winners

New Book Offers Insights for Finding Bliss in Turbulent Times (iUniverse)

How Authors Make Real Money (Hint: It’s Not From Books)

‘Small-Press Author‘ After Winning The Book Award

Books & Books Founder Honored With Prestigious Award « CBS 

Local author signs latest book (Tate Publishing)

Local author’s first book focuses on fun (PublishAmerica)


Posted 11/16/2011

Preview: Nook vs. Kindle Fire

A Perfect Fit: The Garment Industry and American Jewry, 1860-1960 (Costume Society of America Series) Goldstein, Greenberg & Herskowitz

E-books – and Their Ads – Poised to Proliferate as Publishers Eye Industry

Tate Publishing Authors Appear on the Dr. Phil Show (Tate Publishing)

Tate Publishing’s Latest New York Times Bestseller (Tate Publishing) ( “Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid” has been listed in The Write Agenda’s “Author Watch – Best Sellers” Section)

Bench warrant issued for Kilpatrick’s book publisher

Butches can have kids too

Author Solutions CEO Kevin Weiss Talks eBooks, Self-Publishing on Huffington Post

Lawyer flouts subpoena in Kwame Kilpatrick book-profits case; judge issues 

REVIEW: One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of

How Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library Hurts Authors

3 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Book to eBook

6 Things Jeff Bezos Knew Back in 1997 That Made Amazon a Gorilla

What Michael Clay Thompson says – Royal Fireworks Press

Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablet starts shipping Wed

Chicago Book Expo Puts Abandoned Borders to Good Use

Bookstore sales up over last year

An Amazon-branded Featured Book-of-the-Week Option Offers 3 Key Benefits to  (Outskirts Press)

New Fiction Release Explores One Man’s Discovery of a Tremendous Hoax; Book by  (Dog Ear Press)

Publishing Insiders Wrap-Up: How  – Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

How Should You Spend Your Book Marketing Budget? | The  (See: Dispelling the Myth Behind Yog’s Law: The Fallacies with the Flow of Money to Authors)

Author Scarlet James Peeks Into the World of Obsession in New  (Strategic Book Group)

Self-Publishing and Entrepreneurial Authors « Savvy Writers & e 

Penguin wades into self-publishing | MediaFile

BookPal, Irvine Bulk Book Supplier, Named OC Business Journal’s 3rd Fastest 

Publish thy self: what’s shaking up the literary world

SBPRA Author Sherrie Palm Discusses POP on PBS – Author Press  (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

Author David Bedford To Be Part of SBPRA’s ‘Authors and Libraries  (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency)

THE GROWING WRITER | 6 Tips from a SelfPublishing Newbie

Indie Author’s Guide to Publishing Ebooks | Publish Your Own Ebooks

There Is More Than Only One Way To Get Published | High Tech 

guana Launches High Quality Selfpublishing | Digital Book 

Penguin’s Book Country Launches SelfPublishing Service | Digital 

Selfpublish with Ignis | Facebook

From eBooks to apps, BookBrewer makes selfpublishing simple  (

7 Lessons In SelfPublishing I Learnt In The 7th Grade – Guest Post 

5 Reasons to Self Publish in November « Self Publishing Advisor

Contracts on fire: Amazon’s lending library mess | TeleRead: News 

In Fire vs Nook: It’s Fire by a nose

Authors Guild gives lousy review to Amazon’s lending libra

Bay Area Author Takes Top Honors at USA Best Books Awards

Gabby Giffords releases book, does first TV interview since shooting

WSJ Reporting Top Ebook Sales

Should Authors be Salespeople or Book Marketers? — The Book 

Pop-up publishes locally

From Facebook to Photo Book in 5 Minutes

Self-Publishers Get Help

Interview with the Chuck Norris of Personal Branding [John Morgan]

Book Country Launches Self Publishing Services

Amazon’s Kindle lending library is contract breach, say US authors

Amazon’s Free Lending Library Ignores Contracts with Publishers, Authors?

Amazon Kindle Fire sales could top 5 million in two months: report

Kilpatrick publisher’s lawyer not expected in court today

Posted 11/15/2011

Sandy Comes Home A Heartwarming Tale About Adoption | PRLog (Strategic Book Group)

Austin Haley Story… from Tate Publishing « KFOR Links (Tate Publishing)

A Lifelong Dream Comes True (Tate Publishing)

Former Washington Post journalist Estabrook dies

More publishers abandon print

Why Freelance Writers Should Self-Publish

Authors Guild gives lousy review to Amazon’s lending library

5 reasons e-reader sales will nearly triple by 2016

How To Publish Books: Self Publishing and Book Marketing Guide Offers Marketing and Publicity Deals | PRLog (

What we learned from 5 million books | LISNews:

Should States Require Online Retailers To Collect Sales Tax?

Dramatic novel showcases dysfunctional family attempting to  (Strategic Book Group)

The Kindle Fire vs. the Nook Tablet – which one is right for you 

Help! Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet? | News around the world

Barnes & Noble Launches New Nook Tablet | Mixing Digital

Indie Publisher AuthorHouse Announces Free Book Shipping for November (AuthorHouse)

More publishers abandon print

New book reveals ”Kama Sutra” concepts for marketing in novel form

Commentary: Find the motivation and tell your story

Publishing Confidential | Publishing In the 21st Century

How Will Newspaper E-books Impact Book Publishers? | Publishing 

Amazon Kindle Fire goes on sale in swipe at iPad

Can Amazon Kindle Fire shift tablet market away from Apple’s iPad?

Amazon Kindle Fire: What the web is saying — Mobile Technology 

Why e-books fail to kindle bibliophiles’ desires

How Social Media Can Drive Sustainability

Walking the walk

Testimonials – Royal Fireworks Press (Royal Fireworks Press)

The Skinvestigator Author, Terry Cronin to Appear at the Miami Book Fair 

The Authors Guild On Amazon’s Lending Library – The Fine Books 

Wolverton: New Kindle Fire delivers on promises but still disappoints

Local man publishes third book of poetry (PublishAmerica)

Posted 11/14/2011

Can Amazon Kindle Fire shift tablet market away from Apple’s iPad?

Libraries ramp up e-book lending

Yap Isn’t Much Like Siri. So Why Does Amazon Want It?

Scribd Shakes up Publishing Industry

Author Of Steve Jobs Biography To Speak In SC

Authors Guild Voices Concerns with ‘Amazon’s Library Lending Mess’

Tate Publishing: Books Created by Tate | Tate Blog (Tate Publishing)

Cranford native uses hometown as setting for novel (PublishAmerica)

Scribd Seeks to Upend Traditional Publishing World

Demibooks And Kane Miller Launches InkPad Press – A New Publishing Imprint

Book Du Jour: Anne Schwalbe | Self Publish, Be Happy | Self 

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: Lawrence Block Talks SelfPublishing

Deepak Chopra to Publish Memoir With Brother

Venture: National interlibrary loan for e-books?

Life Cycle of a Book – Publishing Trendsetter

Amazon E-Library Is Publishing’s Profit Model: Virginia Postrel

Suspended book leaks online

Hedgesville author has new book published

Jeff Bezos Owns the Web in More Ways Than You Think

Prospect grows for state taxes on online sales

Online book price war is a charade

State loses money as online buys increase

Trafford Publishing Releases Schedule of Free Indie Book Signings at the 2011  (Tafford Publishing)

Posted 11/13/2011

Pervasive pitch: Scientology book and lecture series, ‘The Basics,’ unleashes 

Barbara Grier, Publisher of Lesbian Books, Dies at 78

Author Neal Pollack’s new novel inspired by history of Jews in basketball

Books with local connections (Tate Publishing)

Writers as Publishers | The Gatekeepers Post

La Vie en Prose: Writer’s Digest Webinar: SelfPublishing

Students take a novel approach

PublishAmerica Presents Kings’ Sole by Mark Hamilton, a must read  (PublishAmerica)

Former Scientology insiders describe a world of closers, prospects, crushing 

Digital Manga Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Reprint Tezuka Title

B2B Marketing – The Most Common and Dangerous Marketing Mistake

Author Jan Brett trolls Scandinavia for atmosphere

Barrow author will wear her atikluk to New York awards ceremony

Author Spotlight: Keisha Martin

Children’s author finds path to success through failure

Author of book on escaping poverty is again trying to climb out

Tate Publishing Releases New Mystery Novel (Tate Publishing)

Area residents receive FFA awards (Tate Publishing)

CSU-Pueblo Thunderwolves end perfect regular season in style (PublishAmerica)

Posted 11/12/2011

Galley Girl: The Week in Publishing

Book Sales: How Does Discounting Work? – Author Learning Center

Author Puts Article Online, Insists That Due To Copyright, You 

Musings on Self Publishing | Michele Lee

Author Stephen King: Right-Wing ‘Hate’ of Obama Is Like Anger That Led to 

Author provides thrilling novel of bin Laden killing

What to expect when you’re expecting (to publish a book) | Westwind

Eagan Cop Adds Novelist to His Resume

Reading Corner | Sometimes, as book tells us, ‘It’s OK to be silly’ (PublishAmerica)

Rural childhood inspires children’s book (PublishAmerica)

“Pokey’s Promise” helps kids remember how to tell time (PublishAmerica)

Marketing Expert Julie Guest Alloway Signs Book Publishing Deal With 

‘Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence’ Publisher Grier Dies at 78

Setting up a Blog Tour for Your Book | Lindsay Buroker

What does Amazon want with a voice recognition company?

Union Township man writes children’s picture book (Tate Publishing)

Lifestyle News – Publishing with a Purpose – Everything Matters 

Bookish news and publishing tidbits 12 November 2011 | Read in a 

How a new online venture helped to publish Evil Machines | Books 

mental_floss » 11 NaNoWriMo Books That Have Been Published

5 Good Kindle Books For New Blog Owners

Which book replaced Steve Jobs biography on bestseller List?

E-book recommendations via

Posted 11/11/2011

Real Fast Book Marketing – Affiliate Tools

Market Your Book To The World –Book Marketing Services – YouTube

Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of November 7 

Open Book: 11/22/63, by Stephen King

Amazon still promoting Sandusky’s ‘Touched’

Amazon acquires voice technology on the quiet

Amazon quietly acquires voice capability

Publisher plans big expansion

Veteran Journalists Kick Off Festival of Jewish Books & Authors

Author Discusses Mental Illness

Local publishers scrambling in worst sales downturn

John Williams Hired To Revive Online Book Coverage At The New York Times

Facebook Retreats On Privacy

Jerry Sandusky Memoir Attacked on Amazon – GalleyCat

War, book bind two veterans (PublishAmerica)

Publishers react to Kobo sale

Ashton Kutcher: Dude, where’s my editor?

Elizabeth Lemlich, 83, activist and animal lover

Long Run Printing for SelfPublishers | ABC Article Directory

Print-on-demand publishing comes to Washington

The future of booksPublishing by numbers

Attention, pulpheads! The Miami Book Fair returns

Small publishers join together as Integrated Media Corp.

China restricts local media publishing unverified info from Internet

Amazon author sues reviewer

Amazon to produce 5 million Kindle Fire tablets this year, report says

The Disappointment Author: Lethem v. Wood

LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS | My Disappointment Critic

Morris Philipson, Who Led the University of Chicago Press, Dies at 85

Book signing event will feature 30 area authors

The End of Borders and the Future of Books

The book is great technology, but it’s not good for everything

Lesbian publishing house founder Grier dies at 78

Publishing Keith Richards can write — seriously

Houston History Book Fair returns with more authors, more books for sale

Posted 11/10/2011

Amazon Increases Orders for Kindle Fire – Book Trade News – Publisher Owned By The 

iUniverse Self-Publishing Partnership Debuts First Books – Yahoo 

Barnes & Noble Insists Its Tablet Is Better Than Amazon’s

How Independent Bookstores Sell E-Books

Another New York Times Bestseller for Harvey Mackay

Red Hat Co-Founder’s Latest Venture Prepares to Battle Amazon

The Century Foundation Welcomes Author and Journalist Thanassis Cambanis as Fellow

Author: God Does Not Exist for Our Self-Gratification

‘Toady’ author to sign books in Gilbert (Tate Publishing)

Kris Jenner selling more secrets than books

Interviewing God, Author Of The Last Testament: A Memoir

Ten Questions for an Author

Attention, authors: Pulling books is good for sales

Print is dying: E-readers start slaughtering print book sales (infographic)

Amazon to Sell More Than Books in Brazil?

Amazon adds Amanda Hocking, David Baldacci, and Stephenie 

Self-Published British Author Sues For Libel Over Bad Amazon Review

Amazon sells its latest Kindle at a $5.25 loss

Amazon is hit by fallout from the Penn State sex scandal

Activist and author to speak about ‘Blood on the Tracks’

Lansing Author Partners with the Children’s Lit Project

MediaShift Ebooks and SelfPublishing Roundup Nov 10 2011 | PBS

“Olivia and the Fairy Princesses” by Ian Falconer to be Published by Atheneum 

Publish Your Opus at Politics and Prose

Latest, hottest gadgets — all in one place

California author believes first baby has been born to live to 150

Author examines history of the Trail of Tears

QR Markham’s Plagiarism Puzzle

Dolly Parton offers to smear lip gloss all over Transport Minister

Writing Without Paper: Tacita Dean on Film (Tate Publishing)

Online Book Sales are Now a Global Trend

Taking A Chance » Book sales are normally created by

Amazon ups Kindle Fire orders on strong demand

The Top 5 International Book Fairs for SelfPublishing Authors

Digital Publishing Workshop Recap | The Gatekeepers Post

“I do not accept selfpublished or indie published books.” | ‘Adopt an 

Kobo: Publishing, SelfPublishing And Getting Bought « Eoin 

Leaving the scars behind

Author Jennifer Weiner on Twitter: ‘Leave them wanting more’

Authors write about their personal challenges

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

‘March’ author Geraldine Brooks shares insights at Fort Collins Reads event

Book Talk: The life of Kurt Vonnegut, a disenchanted American

Notes from a SelfPublishing “Success Story” by Heather M. David 

‘Assassin of Secrets’ plagiarism charges: Was QR Markham hiding some secrets 

Newspaper publisher sentenced to 10 years for scams

Creating the Brand of You | Expanding Your Brand

Local Author Publishes Book Inspired by Vietnam POW Bracelets

Amazon quietly acquires Yap in clear bid to combat Siri

Amazon Throws Some Choice Apps on the Kindle Fire

‘Wicked’ author Gregory Maguire takes the EW Book Quiz: His favorite childhood 

ProQuest Names New Executive Team

Marketing Misfires Trigger More ‘Text Spam’ Lawsuits

Shaq’s New Book Takes Digs and Reveals His Vulnerability

Dymocks, Collins says independent bookshops will be hurt by decision not to 

The Engadget Interview: Kobo’s Michael Serbinis

Michigan School Boards Welcome Children’s Book Author Elizabeth Hoadley for 

Game changer

mental_floss » 11 Sculptures Made From Books

Amazon: Top 20 Books Of 2011

No Maltese, thank you, Amazon tells publisher

Dighton-raised author Joseph Fleck to hold book signing (Tate Publishing)

Industry turns new page, cuts import shield to survive

Two authors to appear through Inspired Writer Series at Fairfield University

For Indigo CEO, it’s time to think outside the book

Wendy Stevens Co-authors with Marketing Legends

Call for authors to apply for inaugural Local Author Fair

Illuminating Austin Authors: Dagoberto Gilb, Gregory Curtis among Illumine 

Virtualbookworm POD and Self Publishing

Posted 11/09/2011

Virtualbookworm POD and Self Publishing

Amazon’s Lending Library Raises Publisher & Author Hackles

Wendy Stevens Co-authors with Marketing Legends

Publishing news: Library Journal bought by RLJ Companies

Book market stagnating under crisis pressure

Hey Publishers, Google May Get All Up In Your Business Model

One year ago, Giller winner had no publisher for book

Indie Publisher AuthorHouse Announces Free Book Shipping for November (AuthorHouse)

Amanda Hocking Is Second Self-Published Author to Sell a Million Kindle eBooks

Local author of ‘LA Ice’ to appear at Damian’s Pub

What are Royalties? | Meg North | Historical Fiction | Literary Fiction 

Riverside Books Another Deal, Exits Media Source

The Top 5 International Book Fairs for Self-Publishing Authors

International Festival of Authors to return to Parry Sound in 2013

50 authors slated for writers event

Get Your Author Picture in Google Search Results in 5 Simple Steps

11 Tips for Getting Booked on National TV

How Low is Too Low? | AARdvark

Notes from a SelfPublishing — The Book Designer

Could Amazon’s Lending Library End in Court?

Book Marketing Gazette – Volume I — Book Marketing Made Easy 

Children’s Books: Little Brothers, Good and Bad

For Amazon & Kindle, brick & mortar stores key to success

Esi Edugyan’s Novel Wins Big Canadian Fiction Prize

Check Out One Book Per Month On Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library [News]

Brooklyn author Quentin Rowan’s first thriller a fake, publisher Little, Brown 

Book report gets an A for optimism

“The Books are Back in Town”

How Will We Read: In Book Chains?

Bookstores without Borders find life not so bad

David Baldacci, Amanda Hocking and Stephenie Meyer Join the Kindle Million Club

NaNoWriMo Authors Discuss Their Goals and Sacrifices

Faber Academy to teach self-publishing

Scrap GST on local sales, publishers urge

Author prepares students for zombie apocalypse

Horror author Stephen King offers to help struggling fellow Mainers defray 

The new world of e-books

Kevin Lucia: Digitally SelfPublishing the Right Way, Part Two: Mike 

iUniverse SelfPublishing Partnership Debuts First Books by  (iUniverse)

Pippi Longstocking Books Deemed Racist

More Than a Passing Fancy: Ongoing BISG Study Reveals E-Book Buyers Deepening 

Sales of pirated Steven Jobs’ book soar

Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs bio among Amazon’s best books of 2011

Author of best-seller earning fans

Publishing with a Purpose – Everything Matters Publishing: HCG Books 

Japan’s Rakuten to Acquire E-book Retailer Kobo

Seattle author/historian to speak in Mukilteo

Cut GST from local books, government told

Local publisher to venture into e-books production

Cookbook authors serve more than recipes

Spy Thriller: ‘An Instant Classic’ Vanishes Amid Plagiarism Charges

On Location: Book publishers borrowing a page from Hollywood

Interview: Roxanne St. Claire, co-author of ‘SEAL of My Dreams’

‘Twilight’ Author has lost her Drive for Vampires

Steve Jobs: His Favorite Music And Books

Posted 11/08/2011

A Lifelong Dream Comes True

Paris owns ‘Bourne’ author

Indigo to sell stake in Kobo e-reader

Fayetteville author to sign book Saturday (Tate Publishing)

The Sentinel- The end of paper books is near

Imitating Amanda Hocking Using Extreme Measures | Digital Book 

50Plus : Money : E-book scams flourish along with e-book sales

teve Jobs Bio Breaks Brazilian E-book Sales Records

Steve Jobs book sales top 1 million copies in Japan

Author to Speak at Library Gala

Riceville author Dianna Nicolai to present writing workshop in Cresco Thursday

NBC keeps Cain controversy away from Clinton

Amazon bets on in-store Kindle sales in France

Author Francisco Goldman shares lessons from heartbreak with young writers

Portland author’s debut novel is right on track

6 Meta Tips for Book Marketing Success — The Book Designer

SelfPublishing for the Beginner | St. Johns County Public Library

.biz – Selfpublishing site lets authors sell eBooks for free 

Secret of SelfPublishing: Success | Benton Foundation

Book stores resell for Google

Hachette Book Group eBook Sales Up 134%

Harlequin seeks new authors in online contest

Solana Beach author releases WWII murder mystery (Tate Publishing)

Special Guests: Jack Abramoff, author, ‘Capitol Punishment’

KISS guitarist Ace Frehley signs book in Philly

Paolini’s ‘Inheritance’ goes on sale

APNewsBreak: Publisher pulls debut novel

Strategic Book Publishing Authors Win USABest Books 2011 Awards  (Strategic Book Publishing)

Authors take to Internet to create world’s first interactive book

Where do Deepak Chopra’s publishing affections lie?

News on: Publishing News: Early response to the Kindle Lending 

Kindle Cloud Reader Finally Brings Kindle Books to Firefox

Nook Tablet: How does it stand up to Amazon’s Kindle Fire?

Amazon signs ‘game-changing’ publishing deal with Deepak Chopra

FastPencil PREMIERE Launches New Book “Conversations with Wall Street”

Isaacson book on Steve Jobs makes Amazon Top 10

Stephen King Zips Hero Back to 1958, Targets Oswald Via Time Portal: Books

Hollywood, Silicon Valley Inspire New Teen E-Book Publisher

Amazon Unveils Best Books of 2011 List, and Names “The Art of Fielding” Best 

Life Changing Books Inc. Launches Course On How To Write And Publish A Book  (Life Changing Books, Inc.)

Do it Yourself: Self-Published Authors Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

The very best books of the year 2011 (so far) — Marginal Revolution

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of the Year, According 

CSU-Pueblo one win from perfection (PublishAmerica)

Balancing Act: Local mom shares ABCs of positive parenting (Tate Publishing)

Book tells of sisters’ lives in Flinthills (Tate Publishing)

Marty Angelo: author and prison minister

Oak Tree Press Blog: November 2011 (Oak Tree Press)

The SelfPublishing ScoopNew York NY Meetup

Webinar Tonight: Make More on Kindle

Barnes & Noble unveils $249 Nook Tablet

Why Apprentice Writers Shouldn’t Be Marketers

Author Solutions Hosts Book Signings at Miami Book Fair (Author Solutions)

Author of Zombie Survival Guide speaks at book festival

Google eBooks finally hits Australia

What’s missing from the Kindle and Nook? Support for printed books

Great authors imagine a world transformed by climate change

Scholastics Hottest Childrens Books For 2011

Book Publishing – Latest news from Asiawide Print Holdings Pte Ltd 

B&H Publishing Group Wins Two USA “Best Books  – Yahoo! News

Interview with Christine Grote, Author of Dancing in Heaven

Author shares e-business secrets with Popular crowd

Youngstown is setting of new mystery novel

Kannada author demands recognition

Author Shows How Less Crap and More Mindful Living Can Help Heal the World

PacktLib now Offers a Collection of Drupal Books in the Drupal Library

Posted 11/07/2011

Publisher’s Weekly Releases Best Books 2011 Guide – GalleyCat

iUniverse SelfPublishing Partnership Debuts First Books (iUniverse)

The Writing Bomb: How to Sell More eBooks

An Attention-Getting Interview with Jim Kukral | Vertical Measures

On Your Mark: Marketing Your Novel (Part 1)

It’s All About Books: Questions on Book Marketing Strategy

6 Meta Tips for Book Marketing Success — The Book Designer

Woodhead to release Children’s Book

Does giving out free ebooks really lead to print sales  – Nimble Books

New book underlines Obama’s global view [Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI)]

Bestselling Author Michael O’Brien coming to Northern California

No More Vampires for ‘Breaking Dawn’ Author Stephenie Meyer?

Publishing App Expo in NYC will focus on how to build money-making apps

Two More Modern Business Copyfight Models

Self publishing textbooks online saves Minnesota school district 

Authors Pen High-Tech Victorian World

Author, athlete John Casey’s literary exercise

6 free ebooks on writing from Writer’s Digest | The Gatekeepers Post

Free Marketing Tips Blog: 10 Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Online 

6 Meta Tips for Book Marketing Success – Workflow: Writing

Creative writing: What I’m working on | Mitch Wagner’s Blog

Do agent-publishers carry a conflict of interest? – O’Reilly Radar

Book leads to forgiveness, a promise kept (Tate Publishing)

Books-A-Million opens, with fewer books

How To Crowdfund Your Next Book | Internet Marketing for Business 

Amazon Allows Kindle Users To Borrow E-Books @PSFK

Minotaur acquires CJ Lyons’ ‘Blind Faith’

Getting Personalized in the Changing World of Children’s Book’s

Author of Packers book to hold signing

Amazon Prime’s Free Kindle E-Book List Leans on Filler, Public Domain

Exclusive Interview With God, Author Of ‘The Last Testament: A Memoir By God 

Book Review: Just How Evil Is the Internet Really?

Publisher owned by German dioceses markets 2500 erotic books

Workshop: Everything You Need to Write and Publish Your Book!

Three Irish authors nominated for prestigious literary prize

Derrick Fish

The whole truth about why I selfpublished « Linda Cassidy Lewis

Self Publishing – About Fiction Writing

selfpublishing « Literacy, Languages and Leadership

All Brands Are Publishers, Learn How to Be a Good One

Teacher writes about romance, while former journalist chooses hard-boiled style

Stella Parton book signing to benefit SAFE House

Two Crime Authors Feature Reykjavík Chess Duel

Book review: Steve Jobs

Author appearances

New books for kids by legendary authors

Kilpatrick gets a restitution deal

Joan Swan and Suzanne Brockmann talk about reader love

‘Extreme’ mother, daughter authors visit Victoria

Author Sunny Serafino honored

BOOKS: Former Del Martian finds new home on best-seller lists

Local authors make name for themselves

Deepak Chopra, brother in book deal with Amazon

Authors try to unravel the mystery of Chris Van Allsburg’s ‘The Mysteries of 

Amazon’s Prime Lending Library Collection Now Viewable Online

Posted 11/06/2011

Publisher Owned by Catholic Church Reportedly Selling Porn Novels

Books: Get set for the ‘Giller effect’ for contenders for Canada’s biggest 

Turning tragedies into memories (PublishAmerica)

Former GWA teacher writes book (PublishAmerica)

Amazon predicts 1000 jobs by next Christmas

Spartanburg writer’s poetry collection is a labor of love (Strategic Book Group)

Picayune Writers Group holds 3rd Annual Symposium

Local author writes first of six books

Nook Color

Church-owned German publishers selling porn?

Author and Journalist Andy Rooney Was America’s ‘Cantankerous Commentator’

Bookshops gear up for the great ‘Inheritance’ rush

Amazon Publishing nabs Deepak Chopra book

Design and publish your book

Best-selling author Jonathan Tropper to speak at library

An engaging memoir by an engaged journalist

Libraries across southern New Jersey embracing the emergence of e-books

Books, Inq. — The Epilogue: What a spectacular book review …

Authors‘ Collaborative to present during Brookline 1st Light Festival

Posted 11/05/2011

Interview: Author Michael Muhammad Knight, of Why I Am A Five Percenter

Publisher’s new book discusses sustainability

Kilpatrick book money sought

‘Pigs Over Boulder’ author collaborates with students

New avenues for new authors

Amazon Book by Convicted Killer for Kids Ignites Fury

Progressland People: Glaser loves life as inventor, writer, actor (PublishAmerica)

Double T Double Cross To Be Officially Released By Scottsdale Book Publishing 

World-renowned author Dan Brown: Exeter bookstore gave me early jump

Self Publishing, Inc – Publishing service for the selfpublisher

MediaShift . E-Books and SelfPublishing Roundup, Nov. 3, 2011 

Authors pitch book ideas to online fans

Interview: E-book rock star Tina Folsom, author of ‘Zane’s Redemption’

Publishing Options for Your Book

‘Swankville’ hits too close to home for author’s Pleasanton neighbors

It would be a crime to miss authors at libraries festival

Award-winning author discusses book at Glassboro bookstore

Enjoy an afternoon with local authors and wine

Posted 11/04/2011

Author that attributed same-sex attraction to the devil resigns


The Victoria Strauss Files

The Ann “A.C.” Crispin Files

What Are The Options? Traditional Publishing versus Self-Publishing

Joel Osteen Ends ‘Every Day a Friday’ Book Tour; No. 2 on NYT List

Judge orders Kilpatrick’s publisher to explain lack of payments

New Questions, Concerns About Kindle’s Lending Library—What About Authors?

Uncovering Amazon Publishing

Introducing the Mashable Publisher Platform

BBC News – Publishing: Website helps authors pitch books to readers

Publishers Weekly Bestsellers: The Week’s Hottest Reads

Ex-Borders Employees Hired for Book Promotion Campaign

PublishAmerica Presents Frema by Opanin Kwabena Mensah ModernGhanacom (PublishAmerica)

GMS Teacher Writes Book, Opens Doors

Google Improves Author Info in SERPs for Signed-in Users 

NYT and USA Today Best-Selling Author Victoria Alexander

Student gets first novel published (PublishAmerica)

Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write conference starts Monday

Why Amazon lending worries me

Authors Pitch Book Ideas To Fans Online

John Green Signs 150000 Books – GalleyCat

Who owns the story of a man’s life?

Amazon Makes Like a Publisher With Kindle Singles

Dirks: Books to warm the hearts of fans of the outdoors (Royal Fireworks Press)

Author compares state to Pluto in ed-reform talk – Northwest – The 

Environmental Author Shares Insights at MHC :: News & Events 

This Weekend: Author Events at the Library, Oktoberfest at the Elks 

REGION: Local authors turn out memoirs, self-help books, more (Strategic Book Publishing)

Lydia’s Child – Now Available for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other e  (Strategic Book Publishing)

Oak Tree Press | Book Reviews by Elizabeth A. White (Oak Tree Press) » John Hodgman And Robert Siegel Consider ‘All’ Things 

Barnes and Noble launches another tablet, aimed directly at the 

THE LITIGATORS BY JOHN GRISHAM (Hoddder & Stoughton £19.99)

Digital Self Publishing – BubbleCow

Amazon intros Kindle book lending for Prime members

Cynthia Sterling, Publisher and CEO SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc  (SterlingHouse Publisher)

Bookstore Marketing: 4 Online Communities to Reach People Who 

How do I get my book published? « Nimble Books LLC

When to Seek Advice | Jerry D. Simmons

May the Force of Ebooks Be With You | The Official BookBuzzr Blog

New Book Profiles the Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development (iUniverse)

In praise of printed books

Caribbean Authors to Share Their Literary Works at Miami Dade College’s 28th 

Burgeoning Author Explores Mysteries Of Chinatown

Local writers gather for 7th Authors Fair Saturday

Author Franki Storlie Uses the Native American Animal Totem to Guide Readers 

Fulfill Your Dream To Be An Author

Soul of South Florida Book Expo to feature Trini American author and last 9/11 

Decadence or Decay? Local authors collaborate on book

Trio of authors to visit area Nov. 15

B&H Publishing Group Wins Two USA “Best Books 2011” Awards

Rabbi’s books serve as spiritual guides

Steve Jobs book jumps to top of bestseller lists

Posted 11/03/2011

Author shares world travels

Rock Hill teacher writes children’s book on geocaching

Walla Walla writer gets book deal



E-Book Scams Grow along with E-Book Sales

The 10 Most Valuable Author Signatures of All Time Adds Option for Authors to Offer Their eBooks for Free

Publishing Services a Major Growth Area for Academic Libraries 

Harlequin Offers Publishing Contract as Prize in Writing Contest

Amazon Lights the Fire With Free Books –

Amazon Prime’s new killer app: Kindle books by subscription 

Battle among local porn authors heats up on facebook as Aurora publisher goes mum

Princeton University Press to try e-book shorts

One in Five Adults Now Using E-Books

Two Children’s Authors Launch Publishing Company in Brazil

What Gets a British Children’s Bestseller Banned?

Click here to get a great free ebook on using Facebook for business.

Serial Killer Charles Kembo has a Children’s Book on Amazon

Kindle lending: Book publishers still not getting it

From 8 Million to 500000 on Alexa, Fast!

Author Post-Partum: What Happens After the Book Release Frenzy 

Steve Jobs Bio Scores Biggest Debut of the Year – The Hollywood Adds Distribution for Free eBooks

Amazon Won’t Pay Self-Published Author For Books It Mistakenly Gave Away

Will Amazon’s Lending Library Help or Hurt Novelists and Book Publishers?

Amazon Prime Book Lending: Your FAQs Answered

Amazon bypasses library, lends Kindle books directly to Prime users

The end of print? Customer Discussions: Self publishing isn’t as bad as 

Self publish?

SelfPublishing Forum Hosts Poetry and Fiction Contests | Poets 

Good tidings: Children’s author Jan Brett to haul out the hits, holly during 

Harvey Mackay Tackles “Selling in the Real World” in New Book

Steve Jobs biography is top-selling book in the US

Amazon in talks with China to bring in Kindle: media | Reuters

Submission / Open ʼ11 Graduate Crit – Wandering Bears Collective – 10dayebook, publish e-book, write e-book, how 

Publish Your Kindle Book in 6 Easy Steps

LOTR: Executing People Che Guevara Style? Self Publishing 

Fighting the Kindle

Steve Jobs Biography sells 380000 copies in first week.

How to Make Your Author Page Mobile-Friendly

Swampscott woman discovers power in publishing

Amazon launching lending library for e-books

Google News To Promote Google + Profiles Of Authors

Steve Jobs’ private spirituality now an open book

The New Relationship Marketing

Author to speak on Atlantic, fisheries

Kobo announces publishing arm, signs e-reader sales deal with UK 

Did Julian Barnes deserve the Booker prize?

WORDS & IMAGES: Heart and soul

Amazon, Now a Book Lender

Bestselling Authors to Debate the Morality of Capitalism

Las Vegas Valley Book Festival to feature 100 authors

Best-Selling Author Peter Thomas Senese and Child Advocate Carolyn Vlk Publish 

Do Fantasy Books Really Need To Be As Long And Meandering As 

E-book market is a complicated mess | TeleRead: News and views 

Saturday book sales will benefit Child Advocacy Center

Amazon Kindle Owner’s Lending Library offers 5000 borrowable books

Turkish Publisher Arrested — Here’s Why

Author Leading Complaint Against Kindle

Posted 11/02/2011

500 Ways To Be A Better Writer

Warning Signs For Large Publishers In August AAP Figures | David 

Here Is A Quick Way To Improve Your Twitter Profile To Sell More 

Print on Demand and Book Distribution Guides — The Book Designer

Assuming that “selfpublished” and “not good enough to be 

Five great ebooks that make a strong case for selfpublishing | The 

Book Review: Second Nature by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Barnes & Noble’s Shrinking Shelves

Swampscott woman discovers power in publishing

Gizmodo Discovers Amazon Is Not Letting Publishing ‘Ruin the Kindle’

County Libraries Now Offer Electronic Books and Devices

Harlequin Offers Publishing Contract as Prize in Writing Contest

Two Free Book  – Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors

County Libraries Now Offer Electronic Books and Devices

SelfPublishing Made Easy DVDs

It’s down to the wire for Giller Prize nominees

Why Speaking Should Be Every Writer’s (Other) Best Friend

Interview: Bella Andre, e-book phenom and author of ‘From This Moment On’

Set Your Book Up To Succeed With A Marketing PlanA Catch in Self-Publishing – Digg

‘Twilight’ Author Dissed By ‘Vampire Chronicles’ Writer – The 

An Inside Look at Book Publishing & Literary Marketing in a Digital World

Area authors take on challenge to write a novel in 30 days

Alexis Jenni Wins Goncourt, France’s Top Literary Award, for War-Art Book

Outcry over Turkish publisher’s arrest and detention

The Truth About Amazon Publishing

Books-A-Million to open 41 stores next month – Yahoo!

Five Ways Barnes & Noble’s New Nook Could Compete With The 

The Millions : Barnes & Noble to Go the Way of Borders

Barnes & Noble Likely to Launch a New Nook on Monday 

Outcry over Turkish publisher’s arrest and detention

New Nook Color could beat Kindle Fire’s sub-$200 price

Ebooks vs. Print books

Lawyer in Coronado Mansion Death Has TV, Movie Book Ties

Charlie Rose – Chris Matthews, Anchor, Author

Fantastic Offers on Scrivener for NaNoWriMo Participants

5 Things You Need To Know Today: Nov. 2

Invitation: Let’s Write a Book Together | Internet Marketing for 

Turkish academic, prominent publisher arrested in KCK probe

Art of the Hobbit: Never-Before-Seen Drawings by JRR Tolkien

Dracula author’s notebook unearthed! | Blastr

Patrick deWitt wins Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize

Ace Frehley: No Regrets – Book Review

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrewa – | Lost Book Sales

Canadian author Patrick deWitt, shortlisted for the Booker Prize for The 

Deal brings largest religion book publishers under one corporate umbrella

St. Cloud Authors Join Together to Begin National Novel Writing Month [AUDIO]

Author of teen novels stays young at heart

Posted 11/01/2011

Penn Jillette’s Signs You May Already Be an Atheist

World Book Night is coming to the US

Madoff TV Interviews Spur Great Ratings, Lousy Book Sales

Jewish consultants empower small business success with new book

Why do authors kill off their characters?

14 Authors Reimagine The Chronicles of Harris Burdick

Two Free Marketing Services for Self-Publishing Authors Offered by Outskirts Throws Short Story Contest Throughout Month of November

Amazon Is Letting Publishers Ruin The Kindle

Author Finds Flaws In Kindle Auto Pricing

Author Loses Royalties From 5104 Books

Google brings eBookstore to Canada

How Can Barnes & Noble’s New Nook Compete With The Kindle Fire?

Wikileaks Forced To Suspend Publishing – Blogging Tips

Book marketing 101: why and how to write your own book

Our relationship with e-books: It’s too complicated — Tech News and …

The Best Fantasy Books and Stories of the Year, according to the …

What’s so great about the feel of books? by Louise Morrison …

NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month: Tips for Aspiring Authors

Barnes & Noble: Most Call Nook Dead. But Is It?

Book Reviews, Bestselling Books & Publishing Business News …

Local authors sell at farmers market

Hoop Dreams: A Conversation with Writer Neal Pollack

Interview: Grace Burrowes, author of ‘The Virtuoso’

Authors share writing experience, books at Author Roundup

Scots author Allan Guthrie turns back on print to push ebooks

NaNoWriMo Kicks Off Today, Are You Inspired?

With 195 million readers, freemium fiction in China is transforming authors and companies into internet superstars.

Book Publishing: Self Publishing: Why You Should Write and …

self-publishing « Isabella Tyler

Why Self-Publish? | Tom’s MAD Blog!

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly writing 2 more books

Authors with Fargo ties release new books, reflect on their careers and their …

Dan Brown to appear at Water Street Bookstore

Young author explores world

ALERT: (Posted 10/24/11) American Book Publishing: No Case, No Criminal Contact & No Legal Action Taken

ALERT: American Book Publishing “Investigation” Research Released: No Proof of Victoria Strauss’ Claims

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© The Write Agenda 2011

(Updated: 12/12/2011) Janrae Frank Comments Generate More “Smoke” than Substance to Shield Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware

In A.C. Crispin, Accountability, Amazon, Amazon Rankings, Amazon Sales Rankings, American Book Publishing, Ann "A.C." Crispin, Credibility, Crispin, defamatory, Disney, e-books, ebooks, Extortion, false information, foul mouth, Free e-book, grand jury investigation, Infringement, Interviews, Intimidation, Investigations, investigative journalist, Janrae Frank, Law Suits, lawsuits, libelous, News Tips, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Price Of Freedom, police investigation, police investigators, Preditors & Editors, privileged information, Professionalism, Propaganda, Publishers, Publishing, Reputation, Ripoff Report, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, Self-Publishing, SFWA, Sophronia Flex, The Write Agenda, ugly facts, Vanity, Vanity Press, Victoria Strauss, Watchdog, Writer Beware, Yog's Law on October 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm

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American Book Publishing “Investigation” Research Released: No Proof of Victoria Strauss’ Claims

The Write Agenda has not questioned the fact that Writer Beware has helped numerous individuals over time. They have without question. Somewhere along that positive history something has run afoul. The claim that “American Book Publishing has been the subject of at least one police investigation” is a primary example of how Writer Beware has forgotten its original mission and responsibility to provide true information.

Our demand, to force and compel Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin and Writer Beware to produce substantiation of their claim that America Book Publishing “has been the subject of at least one police investigation” is hardly intimidation. So, authors, publishers and publishing industry professionals are just supposed to take Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin and Writer Beware for their word? Without substantiation? Without verifiable proofs?

The real “intimidation” is the fact that Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin and Writer Beware have posted this information, refuse to delete it and refuse to provide documentation that proves the claim. This is neither a grand jury investigation nor an investigative newspaper report. Both of these examples are not entitled to the protections of confidentiality and would be not be deemed privileged information; not to mention the fact that Victoria Strauss is not a professional investigative journalist and would not legally be permitted to claim these privileges to protect herself. The Write Agenda’s request has nothing to do with protecting police investigators. Police investigators could not remotely be claimed as “sources” as Janrae Frank would have you believe. Think about it, don’t individuals go “to” the investigators? Don’t “investigators” write police reports? Isn’t it not true that police reports are assigned incident numbers?

Contrary to Janrae Frank’s unfortunate “smoke screen,” the information contained within any “police investigation” is subject to discovery, available under the Freedom of Information Act, has an incident number and is not subject to any protections under the law (assuming that it actually exists). The fact here is that there never was a “police investigation” conducted against America Book Publishing. Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin and Writer Beware know this and they cannot produce 1) an incident number; 2) what was American Book Publishing Investigated for; and 3) the name of the investigating police agency. This is true “intimation” and a it’s scam that has been perpetrated by Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin and Writer Beware. Now, Janrae Frank has made the personal choice to attempt to deliberately cloud this further; that’s very unfortunate.

Janrae Frank, who is a well-respected American journalist, knows for a fact that “police investigations” are subject to discovery under the Freedom of Information; it is the most commonly used tool of any investigative reporter. Considering that Ms. Frank chose  to weigh in here, without any appreciation for the actual facts, it appears that she is more interested in participating in this viral controversy as a means to help her slumping book sales. Self-serving conduct? It appears to be. Her current Amazon Sales Rankings range from 315,555 to 3,405,977.  As an industry standard, an Amazon Sales Ranking of 100,000 equates to 1 copy every 5 days; 2,000,000 equates to 1 copy every 1000 days. (We’ll track this and see if her strategy works.)

Bottomline: A police “investigation” is not subject to non-disclosure privileges. The Write Agenda has contacted all of the agencies listed below. You will not find in any of their correspondence to us that “a good journalist learns early is to protect their sources” or that they were concerned that “if those names were made public, then the complainants would soon find themselves under siege from ABP.” The entire claim that “American Book Publishing has been the subject of at least one police investigation” is a lie and a fabrication perpetrated by Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin and Writer Beware. The letters from these agencies may be viewed here.

If there was a “police investigation” wouldn’t The Write Agenda have received something from one of these agencies that stated the information is protected and not available under the Freedom of Information? Fact: The Write Agenda did not . . . most of the replies clearly state that there is no documentation of any “police investigation.”

Police agencies seek the truth and from our research, they have accomplished that. They have given The Write Agenda proof that American Book Publishing was never the “subject of at least one police investigation.”

Agencies Contacted:

Salt Lake City Police DepartmentPublic Safety

315 East 200 South, SLC
(801) 799-3000Pioneer Precinct
1040 West 700 South
(801) 799-4600 Highway
PatrolFirst Floor – South

4501 South 2700 West
PO Box 141100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-1100
Administration: (801) 965-4518 (During Business

Department of Public Safety Investigations Bureau
5500 West Amelia Earhart Drive, Suite #100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116 – (801) 532-2168

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Salt Lake City
257 East 200 South, Suite 1200 Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: (801) 579-1400
Fax: (801) 579-4500

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department
3365 South 900 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Non-Emergency: 801.743.7000

South Salt Lake City Hall
220 E. Morris Ave (2430 South)
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

City Attorney, 2nd Floor 801-483-6070 801-464-6791

City Prosecutor, 2nd Floor 801-483-6070

Police Department
2835 S Main St, South Salt Lake, UT 84115-3200

NON Emergencies 801-840-4000
Administration 801-412-3606
Investigations 801-412-3604
Ordinance Enforcement 801-464-6712
Records 801-412-3600

Utah State Capitol Office
Office of the Attorney General
Utah State Capitol Complex
350 North State Street Suite 230
SLC UT 84114-2320
FAX: (801) 538-1121

Salt Lake City, Prosecutors Office
349 South 200 East, Suite 500Salt Lake City, Utah,

Salt Lake County Prosecutors Office
Investigations Division
111 E Broadway Suite 400
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Tel: (801) 531-4189
Fax: (801) 531-4137

Clearly Janrae Frank chose to utilize propaganda strategies (Ad hominem and Red herring) in her confutation. For example, instead of rebutting the original complaint (i.e., Author, Victoria Strauss’ Failure to Produce Documentation of Police Investigation Regarding American Book Publishing) she is attacking us instead rebutting the original argument. Also, she is presenting new issues (i.e., the Freedom of Information Act) in a compelling fashion, but it is irrelevant to the question whether Author, Victoria Strauss Failed to Produce Documentation of Police Investigation Regarding American Book Publishing. She somehow seems to think that this validates or implies that we are misleading people.  (Note: She has also posted on Twitter that: “The Write Agenda has gone after me.” We fail to see how this amiable debate has escalated to that level.)

There’s no need for Janrae Frank to “school” us any more on the Freedom of Information Act. We all understand its purpose regarding public records as they apply to legal actions. However, in this instance we are dealing with a “police investigation” not a legal action. The application of the Freedom of Information Act is irrelevant and further discussion about it is an act of obfuscation. Admittedly, it was a very noteworthy review but really serves no purpose regarding this issue.

Transparency is all that we have asked for. Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware are responsible for making the initial claim that “American Book Publishing  has been the subject of at least one police investigation.” Merely posting this on a blog is not proof that  “American Book Publishing  has been the subject of at least one police investigation.” Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware have not been transparent in this regard. As a result thereof, we have sought to make this claim transparent by contacting the agencies within the jurisdiction where the “police investigation” allegedly occurred. When documentation and research fails to uncover evidence of a “police investigation,” transparency is impossible. The ongoing acts of denying, deferring and dismissing, by Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware, can no longer continue; it impedes the quest for transparency.

As self-proclaimed publishing industry “watchdogs,” Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware are ethically responsible to produce this evidence. What is dreadfully transparent is that their failure to do so only serves to call into question their credibility. This could be easily accomplished by providing primary source material of a “police investigation.” This would include: 1) the name of the investigating police agency; 2) supplying an incident number; and 3) state exactly what America Book Publishing “investigated” for. The failure of Victoria Strauss to provide this information lends itself to a meaningless claim and doesn’t support the necessity of challenging other disputed claims; that’s another issue. If the three (3) questions above cannot be answered, this “investigation” has to be deemed a falsehood that was conceived with other motives. Transparency will only occur when this evidence is provided. The sooner this happens the matter can be resolved and we can all move on to other issues. If it cannot be supplied, Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware would be well advised to begin using some different PR strategies; denying, deferring, inciting followers and dismissing these accusations aren’t working:

1. Fess up.

2. Have some “humble pie” and display some remorse.

3. Strive for atonement and clean up this mess they made.

4. Rehabilitate themselves, restore faith and trust by utilizing objective (not bias) reporting standards.

The Write Agenda is striving to bring this matter to a close. If we have been incorrect in our pursuit for transparency, we’ll gladly take our own advice publicly (1-4 above). We all want transparency, if this cannot be achieved this matter will stay in the forefront and will continue to be a blemish on Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware.

10/10/2011 Update

Yes, we have claimed that your discussion of the FOIA was both Ad Hominem and a Red Herring. No, we have not invoked FOIA as proof of any claims here or on our website. What we have done is completed document searches and posted the results thereof. Our act of posting these letters from the agencies cast doubt on the veracity of the statement of Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware that “American Book Publishing was the subject of at least one police investigation.” Our only statement is that we cannot find any evidence of a “police investigation.” We are not going to rely solely on an unvetted blog posting as proof that a “police investigation” occurred. Regardless of what methods are deployed to secure information in this matter, if evidence does not exist “that casts in doubt the veracity” of the statements made by Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware.

Now you appear to be making a similar statement without documentary evidence to back it up. To wit: “ABP was investigated in 2003 by the Salt Lake City police department. The detective assigned to the case was Robbin Wilkins.” Your act of merely reciting a statement from a blog posting is also not definitive proof of an actual “police investigation.” In addition, since you have chosen to take on the chore of “investigating” this matter further, this suggests that you are now questioning whether evidence of a “police investigation” exists yourself. This is a positive step; we could only wish that others would be as inquisitive. What is most ironic is that this proves that you are not willing to solely rest on Victoria Strauss’ statements including: 1) she doesn’t have an “obligation to ‘prove’ anything;” 2) that she stands on her “reputation for honesty and meticulous research; 3) that she is willing to simply  “let people judge for themselves;” and 4) that you are not satisfied solely with her confidential “documentation [that] includes emails from individuals as well as [her] handwritten notes of the phone conversations [she] had with both investigators” as proof of a “police investigation.”

We are actually flattered that you have the courage to take the time to be objective. However, it’s distressing (and unfortunate) that you have to pursue information that should have been made available by Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware. We wish you well in your endeavors. We also pray that your efforts reveal the existence of a “police investigation” with a corresponding incident number. In the event that your efforts are inconclusive, we also hope that you have the resilience to publicly admit it.

10/14/2011 Update

After going into great detail regarding your skills as a journalist, we would think that you would have posted primary source material to “speak for itself.” Attaching a blog posting from a disgruntled author, while it may lead to primary source material, is not proof that a real investigation ever occurred. Therefore, the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur does not apply to this pitiable attachment.

Journalists, as yourself, are held to a higher standard in reporting and presenting evidence. We do hope that your independent research activity leads you to a trail of primary source material including, but not limited to, documented evidence of a “police investigation” with a corresponding incident number. In the event that an “investigation” is proven to have occurred, information that retracts and/or exonerates the publisher needs to be included. For example, if there was no prosecution, or if the matter was closed due to a deficiency of evidence towards proving the complaint, reporting ethics require a full disclosure of the disposition of the “investigation.”

10/24/2011: American Book Publishing: No Case, No Criminal Contact & No Legal Action Taken


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(UPDATED) David L. Kuzminski (Preditors and Editors) adds to the PublishAmerica Fabrications

In A.C., A.C. Crispin, Absolute Write, Accountability, American Book Publishing, Ann "A.C." Crispin, Atlanta Nights, Attorney Victor Cretella, Author Watch, Cease & Desist, Christian Booksellers Association, Credibility, Crispin, David L. Kuzminski, Disney, Interviews, Investigations, Law Suits, lawsuits, News Tips, P.N. Elrod, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Price Of Freedom, Preditors & Editors, Professionalism, Propaganda, Publish America, PublishAmerica, Publishers, Reputation, Reputation Management, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, Self-Publishing, SFWA, The Write Agenda, Travis Tea, Victor Cretella, Victoria Strauss, Watchdog, Writer Beware on September 30, 2011 at 11:38 am

Victoria Strauss, in a Writer Beware blog posting, (PublishAmerica and CBA: Rowling Redux) voiced her opposition to a recent promotion by her archenemy . . . PublishAmerica. At first blush, it appears that Publish America was/is attempting to package their authors books (for a fee) in a coordinated attempt for consideration by the CBA’s (Christian Booksellers Association) “Christian Store Week.”

We do not see anything that suggests that there is some sort of relationship between the CBA and PublishAmerica. We also do not see anything that suggests that PublishAmerica implied that they had a relationship with the CBA. In fact, there doesn’t appear to be anything illegitimate by PublishAmerica to promote their authors (regardless of whether they charge a fee to do so). Also, they readily admit that there is no relationship with the CBA and they do not promise any specific results. It appears to be solely a promotion.

What’s the problem with this? The CBA issued a “warning” on their web site stating as follows:

“CBA has been informed that Christian authors are being contacted by an organization called PublishAmerica that’s soliciting for authors to submit their books to a sales/marketing catalog that they claim will be going to CBA. Please be aware that CBA has no knowledge of PublishAmerica; that PublishAmerica is not connected to Christian Store Week; and that CBA has no agreement of any kind with PublishAmerica, nor is CBA affiliated in any way, shape, or form with that organization.”

Victoria Strauss readily admitted that the solicitation by PublishAmerica was forwarded to the  CBA.  However, the “warning” issued by the CBA is not a Cease and Desist (C&D) nor is there any indication that one was ever sent to PublishAmerica. (Note to Victoria Strauss: These would be great writings to share with the reading public vs. just stating that x and y occurred. For example, see how we previous refuted a statement of your’s here. Proofs will add to the validity of statements. “Show . . .  don’t tell.”)

We do not see anything wrong with an alternative publisher soliciting its authors in this promotional effort regarding “Christian Store Week.” Are we missing something here? Victoria Strauss’ article makes it appear that there is some sort of wrong-doing here. This kind of promotional activity is performed by many organizations; what is the issue here? Is the CBA really “not amused” as indicated byVictoria Strauss? Or, are they just saying that they have no relationship with PublishAmerica? Didn’t PublishAmerica “warn” their authors as well in their disclaimer? Also, they didn’t promise any specific results:

“DISCLAIMER: PublishAmerica has no affiliation with the CBA and/or individual Christian bookstores beyond that of a regular publisher/bookseller relationship, without preferential access or other special treatment. No specific result from PublishAmerica’s best efforts to represent and promote its authors and their books is suggested or guaranteed.”

Now comes P.N. Elrod who somehow <<we’re shaking our heads>> translates the “warning” into a “Cease & Desist” letter that was issued to PublishAmerica:

“It’s only criminal if they continue to give the offer after getting a C&D from the party whose name is being used. Most are unaware of the use of their name until someone lets them know what’s going on.”

P.N. Elrod (Facebook Page, September 22, 2011)

Clearly, there was never a C&D issued. In addition, it appears that PublishAmerica wasn’t “using” the CBA’s name and was/is only offering to submit the  promotional material of their authors for consideration for “Christian Stores Week.” P.N. Elrod continues to walk down a path of twisted storytelling and fabrications. We predict that karma is going to sneak up on P.N. Elrod and these ongoing activities real soon.

The Write Agenda supports watchdog activity provided that it is true. In this instance, P.N. Elrod is following the trail left by fellow “weiner dog” Victoria Strauss; who’s own needlework on the fabric of truthfulness still remains in question (click here).

 (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Click here for more information on P.N. Elrod

Update 9/30/11: Preditor & Editor blogger, David L. Kuzminski, (you know the guy that was sued before and is begging for “donations” to his defense fund [click here]) somehow <<shaking our heads>> read into the  PA offering that PA stated that they “have a contract.” They do not and they readily stated as much. This is another example of how the “weiner dogs” fabricate stories for their own purpose:

9/21/11: The Christian Booksellers Association has sent out a warning that Publish America is ‘contacting Christian authors and telling them that they have a contract with CBA that will go public next week. According to a CBA contact, Publish America demands $49 to get on a list and in a catalogue that Publish America is giving to CBA and CBA will submit this list of authors/catalogue to all CBA members and because of this alleged contract the CBA member stores will buy from the authors listed.’ The ‘promotion’ is supposedly in conjunction with the upcoming Christian Store Week. At this rate, can God be far behind in issuing a warning about PA?” [Emphasis added.]


(Click on picture to enlarge.)

The actual quote (i.e. “warning”) from the CBA states as follows:

“CBA has been informed that Christian authors are being contacted by an organization called PublishAmerica that’s soliciting for authors to submit their books to a sales/marketing catalog that they claim will be going to CBA. Please be aware that CBA has no knowledge of PublishAmerica; that PublishAmerica is not connected to Christian Store Week; and that CBA has no agreement of any kind with PublishAmerica, nor is CBA affiliated in any way, shape, or form with that organization.”

Now, exactly where does it say that The Christian Booksellers Association has sent out a warning that Publish America is “contacting Christian authors and telling them that they have a contract” with CBA? It doesn’t . . .  there’s your “News Flash.” Also, if David L. Kuzminski is posting a quote that he has attributed as coming from The Christian Booksellers Association but it actually has not come from The Christian Booksellers Association . . .  who is he quoting? You can’t make this stuff up unless you’re a “weiner dog.”

Readers, try this as further evidence of David L Kuzminski’s erroneous attribution skills: Google the entire quote that David L Kuzminski posted in his “News Flash” that purportedly came from the The Christian Booksellers Association (see above). What will you discover? You will not find any results that take you to The Christian Booksellers Association. However, you will have Google results that will take you to the sites in the picture below (see photo below); none of which are connected to The Christian Booksellers Association. Primary source material? No, not hardly. In fact, one source in this Google result is currently being sued by PublishAmerica. Therefore, if David L Kuzminski is not quoting The Christian Booksellers Association correctly (which he is not), ask yourself: A) did he himself make this quote up? Or, B) is he quoting one of the sources in this Google search which also cannot be attributed to The Christian Booksellers Association? This is exactly how the want-to-be “watch-dogs” turn into “weiner dogs.” Trivial you may ask? Hardly. Is it any wonder at all why David L Kuzminski was sued and lost? When will this weiner dog ever learn?

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

More links on David L. Kuzminski:

How Pathetic Can David L. Kuzminski Be? Click here.

Click here to read more.

Preditors & Editors Site Creator Sued for Libel

David Kuzminski, You Naughty Boy

Lawyer has defamation claim for online post

Cretella v. Kuzminski


Christian Story Teller Asks: “Victoria Strauss, what is she doing to her reputation?”

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The Write Agenda is not alone in its quest to compel Victoria Strauss to tell the truth. The Christian Story Teller posted this yesterday. [Reprinted with the express permission of]

Victoria Strauss, what is she doing to her reputation?

Why the foul mouth & no answers?


You reap what you sow. Now it seems that Victoria loves to use the f— word in her postings and still won’t answer the question about her post about “the police investigation” on another company [American Book Publishing] that she doesn’t like. She informed this editor years ago that she and “they”? have lots of complaints, records, and documents about all these publishers / agents / agencies that they have identified as scammers, BUT she would never prove it. We were just to take her at her word. Which right now is in the dumper.

The use of the F— word has NO place in professional behavior or polite company. It reveals that the person might have a limited command / knowledge  of the english language. Additionally, statements from this type of word smith tend to be reviewed as coming from an arrogant, unschooled, self important, know it all.

Prove it or lose it. For years Victoria has been part of a group that would boldly demand facts and financial figures from companies and now she can’t answer yes or no. If she doesn’t come clean with the answers to these simple questions, she’ll be just like yellow snow.

A major creditability scandal indeed!  Read the full story and  The Write Agenda who exposed the ugly facts. Then go to Publishingfacts for  Commentary:

 “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”  

–  Charles Spurgeon


Victoria Strauss Drops F-Bomb . . . Again: The F****** Lack of Class Continues

Victoria Strauss Drops F-Bomb, Ann “A.C.”Crispin Thinks it’s OK: How Publishing Watchdogs Demonstrate Their Arrogance and Supremacy for Standards

UPDATED: 01/04/2012: Victoria Strauss Drops F-Bomb . . . Again: The F****** Lack of Class Continues

In Accountability, Amazon Rankings, Amazon Sales Rankings, American Book Publishing, Author, Author Watch, Authors, Book Sellers, Book Signings, books, Bookstores, Credibility, e-books, Interviews, Investigations, Law Suits, lawsuits, libelous, Librarians, Library, Professionalism, Propaganda, Publishers, Publishing, Reputation, Reputation Management, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, Self-Publishing, SFWA, T.W.A.N.G., The Write Agenda, Vanity Press, Victoria Strauss, Watchdog, Writer Beware on September 20, 2011 at 1:59 pm

“You can say ‘fuck’ on my FB page. I say it all the time in real life.”

Victoria Strauss (Facebook Page, September 19, 2011)

It’s one thing if a publishing “weiner dog” swears in private.  But there is a certain minimum dignity…decorum…class that we expect from our “weiner dogs” when they speak in public. Especially . . .  on Facebook. Of course, this isn’t the first time Victoria Stauss has demonstrated her lack of class (Click here).

Just imagine if Victoria Strauss approached the business of Writer Beware and her PR as an author during moments when her words actually moved the hearts and minds of people who cared:

American Book Publishing has been the focus of at least one f****** police investigation.”

“I’m the author of eight f****** published fantasy novels for adults and f****** young adults, including the f***** Stone duology (The Arm of the Stone and The Garden of the Stone), the Way of Arata duology (The Burning Land and The Awakened City), and a forthcoming f****** historical fantasy for f****** teens, Passion Blue.”

“I’m an active f****** member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), and co-founder of f****** Writer Beware, a f****** publishing industry watchdog group that tracks and warns about literary schemes, scams, and pitfalls. I f****** maintain the popular Writer Beware website, Facebook page, and blog. For this work, I f****** was honored with the SFWA Service Award in 2009.”

“I’ve f****** written hundreds of f****** book reviews for magazines and ezines, including SF Site, and my articles on writing have appeared in f****** Writer’s Digest and elsewhere. In f****** 2006, I served as a f****** judge for the f******World Fantasy Awards.”

It’s sort of amusing to watch, in the sense that it’s not every day that you see a crowd of “flying monkeys” cheer on a gal who has real credibility issues, horrid Amazon Sales Rankings while simultaneously cursing like a sailor. Parents, book buyers, and librarians do take note. This is the author of the f****** fantasy for teens, Passion Blue  . . . we can’t wait for the f****** book signing events.

Yes, she does say f*** in “real life.” Just ask her neighbors that had to endure a dispute with Victoria Strauss regarding “walnuts” and her “fence.” Victoria Strauss readily admitted that  she was “forgetting to be ladylike in [her] extreme annoyance.Nevertheless, she deliberately f-bombed her neighbor accordingly: “What’s the big fucking deal here? All I’m asking is that you not pile your shit against my fence. Why is that so much to ask?”

UPDATED: 01/04/2012:


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B.A.D. Project (Boycotted Authors Distribution) [[PUBLIC]]

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B.A.D. Project (Boycotted Authors Distribution) Click here.

The Write Agenda’s special project to distribute the Boycotted Authors List to libraries, bookstores and special venues.

Current Boycott List (Click Here).

Appeals: If you are author that is on our Boycott List and wish to file an appeal (Click Here).